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Image: Your Experience Matters: Take the 2022 Monetization Monitor Survey

We Want to Hear From You

Regular readers of the Revenera blog will not be surprised to learn that I am fascinated by data and the insights that analysis of that data can surface. One of my favorite projects each year is analyzing the data in our Monetization Monitor Software Industry Survey to uncover where our industry is heading. We explore trends and drivers in software monetization and deployment models and strategies, the impact of product usage analytics and how software suppliers are dealing with license compliance and piracy.

We need your insights and experience in the industry to make these reports meaningful and successful. You represent a wide range of voices across the spectrum of software suppliers and we want to hear from you. Please take 12 minutes (I told you I love data) to complete the 2022 Monetization Monitor Software Industry Survey and we will make sure you get an advance copy of the reports.

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