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The enabling technology to take products to market fast, unlock the value of your IP and accelerate revenue growth – from the edge to the cloud.

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InstallShield and InstallAnywhere

See why more than 80,000 independent software vendors and enterprise customers have used our installation solutions.

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Software Composition Analysis

Manage open source license compliance and security with an end-to-end Software Composition Analysis platform.

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Software Monetization

Learn how we can help you protect your applications, manage compliance, understand customer needs, and drive recurring revenue.

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Software Monetization Monitor Report

The Benefits of Software Usage Analytics


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Ikon Science is always looking to elevate our customer experience to provide the flexibility through license models and the release of new solutions with different delivery methods. Revenera has been a long-time partner to help us realize this vision by providing a variety of licensing models, remote connectivity options and allowing us to focus on technology innovation.

Chief Technology Officer, Ikon Science



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Software installation, open source software scanning and software monetization. Revenera is leading the charge on a wide range of fronts. Catch up with our latest media coverage and recognition.

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Revenera InstallShield is the fastest easiest way to build Windows installers and MSIX packages and create installations directly within Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Open Source Software: To Get More Value, Manage Your Risks

Aberdeen reports that less than 10% of all issues are known and more than 20% are high risk.

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