Flexible Monetization Service

Enable Elastic Access with Revenera's Dynamic Monetization

Remove barriers to adoption, allow cross-portfolio access, and monetize premium features on a pay-per-use basis with real-time usage data.

Dynamic Monetization

Dynamic Monetization is an API-driven cloud service that allows technology companies to introduce flexible monetization models for connected software and devices.

It is designed for high volume, rapid software usage processing, and the first supported monetization model is Elastic Access, a unique, out-of-the-box approach that allows producers to:

  • Sell metered tokens (aka flexible credits) to customers, which can be exchanged to access any offering within the portfolio
  • Set prices for each item (application, feature, capability, computation, or service, etc.) via a Rate Table
  • Make immediate pricing and packaging changes by adjusting the Rate Table
  • Provide real-time, granular usage data to ensure exact charging
A graph depicting how elastic licensing works, with consistent baseline capacity in addition to elastic capacity that is flexible in nature.


Matching Capacity with Demand

Selling metered tokens empowers your customers with greater control over how they access your portfolio.

Elastic Access complements subscription monetization models, as customers benefit from the ability to instantly scale capacity when needed.

This approach to monetization lowers cost barriers and simplifies adoption, allowing us to reach new customers and expand into new markets. Revenera's expertise throughout the implementation process helped ensure that Ansys customers can easily access extra licenses during peak project periods, try new software products, and gain valuable insights into their existing usage.

Steve Del Director, Research and Development, Ansys

Dynamic Monetization and Elastic Access: Explained

Paul Bland explains how you can enable pay-per-use pricing with Revenera's Dynamic Monetization service and unique Elastic Access monetization model.


Benefits for Technology Producers

Dynamic Monetization empowers producers to:

  • Allow cross-portfolio access for peak seasonal or project-based needs
  • Flexibly monetize AI-driven functionality 
  • Sell premium features exclusively on a pay-per-use basis
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities via detailed usage reports
  • Lower barriers to entry for small and mid-size enterprises
  • Accelerate speed-to-market with rapid price and packaging management

Benefits for Your Customers

With flexible access to a producer's portfolio, customers benefit from:

  • Instant scalability to ensure capacity meets demand
  • Streamlined procurement to prevent project delays
  • The ability to try new offerings without committing to long-term subscriptions
  • Minimized waste as unused licenses are replaced with pay-per-use credits
  • Cost allocation to specific business units via precise usage reporting
  • Improved user experiences as producers tailor offerings to diverse customer segments



Diagram showing how Elastic Access works within Dynamic Monetization.

Revenera’s Dynamic Monetization service strengthens the software monetization ecosystem, streamlining the process of moving to new monetization models that align price and value for customers.

Mark Thomason Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization, IDC

Dynamic Monetization

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