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InstallShield MicroConsulting

With MicroConsulting, dedicated Revenera installation experts provide assistance developing “bulletproof” setups or solving challenges such as patching, updating, self-repair, automated deployment and more. 


The service includes eight hours of instruction (delivered over one business day) on up to three pre-selected topics. An on-line, remote format simplifies access and attendance by team members at multiple locations.


Within the eight-hour package, you may select up to three main topics from this list or advanced services, including troubleshooting help, training or a review of code and architecture.

  • Introduction to Suite Installer Projects
    • Creating a Suite Project
    • Suite Properties
    • Exit Conditions
    • Organizing Packages in the Suite Project
    • Building and Deploying the Suite Installation
    • Defining the Suite User Interface
  • Creating Updates and Patches
    • Types of Updates
    • Creating Minor Upgrades
    • Creating Major Upgrades
    • QuickPatch Projects
    • General Patch Projects
    • Patching Applications
    • Uninstalling a Patch
  • Chaining MSIs
    • Overview of Multiple-Package Installations that Use Transaction Processing
    • Adding a New Chained .msi Package to Your Project
    • Assigning Release Flags to a Chained .msi Package
    • Removing a Chained .msi Package from Your Project
  • Direct Editor
    • Editing Project Tables
    • Adding New Tables Through the Direct Editor
    • Adding Records to a Table
    • Finding and Replacing in the Direct Editor
    • Editing a Table Record
    • Importing and Exporting Tables from the Direct Editor
    • Deleting Records from a Table
    • Removing Tables Through the Direct Editor
    • In-Place Windows Installer Database and Project File Differencing
    • Entering Binary Data in a Table
    • Orphaned Directory Entries
  • Custom Dialogs/Billboards
    • Using the Dialog Wizard to Create a New Dialog
    • Adding the Ability to Create or Set an Existing User Account
    • Importing and Exporting Dialogs
    • Publishing a Dialog (.isd) File to a Repository
    • Removing Dialogs from Projects
    • Creating and Configuring Custom Dialogs
    • Undoing Changes in the Dialog Editor
    • Billboard File Types for Basic MSI Projects
    • Adding an Adobe Flash Application File Billboard to a Basic MSI Project
    • Adding Image Billboards to a Basic MSI Project
    • Configuring Billboard Settings in a Basic MSI Project
    • Previewing Billboards Without Building and Launching a Release
    • Setting the Billboard Order
    • Removing a Billboard from a Basic MSI Project
  • IIS setup
    • Creating a Web Site and Adding an Application or a Virtual Directory
    • Scanning an IIS Web Site and Importing Its Settings into an InstallShield Project
    • Creating a Nested Virtual Directory
    • Configuring the TCP Port and Site
    • Specifying the IIS Host Header Name for a Web Site
    • Specifying the SSL Certificate for a Web Site
    • Adding Files to an IIS Virtual Directory
    • Removing Applications and Virtual Directories from the Internet Information Services View
    • Adding Application Pools
    • Removing Application Pools from the Internet Information Services View
    • Adding and Removing Web Service Extensions from the Internet Information Services View
    • Feature and Component Associations for IIS Support
    • Uninstalling Web Sites, Applications, Virtual Directories and Web Service Extensions
    • Setting the ASP.NET Version for a Web Site or Application
    • Considerations for Supporting IIS 6 on 64-Bit Platforms
    • Defining Application Mappings for a Web Site, Application, or Virtual Directory
    • Specifying Timeout Parameters for a Web Site, Application, or Virtual Directory
    • Configuring Advanced IIS Settings
    • Configuring Custom Error Messages for a Web Site, Application, or Virtual Directory
    • Using Windows Installer Properties to Dynamically Modify IIS Settings
  • Custom Actions
    • Installation Sequences
    • Custom Actions: Action Types and Guidelines
    • Getting and Setting Property Values
    • The Formatted Data Type
    • Executable Custom Actions
    • Script Custom Actions
    • Custom Actions Calling DLLs
    • Terminating a Process
    • Managed Code Custom Actions
    • Error Custom Actions
  • SQL Scripting
    • Adding a New SQL Connection
    • Overriding the Default TCP/IP Network Library with a Different Protocol for a SQL Server Database
    • Requirements for Connecting to Instances of SQL Server Express LocalDB
    • Adding a New SQL Script
    • Inserting and Importing SQL Scripts
    • Editing a SQL Script File
    • Specifying a Version Number for a SQL Script File
    • Specifying the Order for Running Multiple SQL Scripts That Are Associated with a Connection
    • Overriding the Default SQL Run-Time Behavior
    • Handling SQL Run-Time Error
    • Conditionally Launching a SQL Script
    • Requiring that SQL Scripts Be Run Only Against a Full SQL
    • Using Windows Installer Properties to Dynamically Replace Strings in SQL
    • Requiring a SQL Server-Side Installation for a Windows Installer-Based Project
    • Publishing SQL Script Files to a Repository
    • Installing the MySQL ODBC Driver
    • Connecting to a Microsoft Windows Azure Database Server and Running SQL
    • Connecting to an Instance of Oracle and Running SQL Scripts


InstallShield, MSI Projects Course Training is a standalone engagement, but can be augmented by Outsourced Software Installation DevelopmentOutsourced Software Installation Development delivers industry leading installation services and knowledge transfer to help create a bullet-proof software installation process that includes patching and updating, self-repair, automated deployment and more.


The service engagement is delivered by Consultant, Senior or Principal staff with 5-15 years of experience with InstallShield and/or InstallAnywhere software installation implementations. These resources possess software development skills in C++, C#, Java and others. Additionally, they have delivered hundreds of installation projects for numerous verticals and are familiar with the best practice software installation implementations within the energy industry, healthcare, financial services, government and more.

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