SBOM Management

Gain Transparency and Actionable Insights into the Complexity of Your Software

SaaS solution that tracks all the components in your software, regardless of where in the supply chain they originated

Insights for SBOM Management

Control open source, third-party, and commercial component use throughout your software supply chain.

Revenera SBOM Insights give you the ability to manage security and legal risk by operationalizing your SBOMs in the cloud.


SBOM Insights - Construct

Construct Your SBOM in the Cloud

Get inbound unification of SBOM parts across multiple data sources. Build a complete, accurate SBOM to manage legal and security risk.


  • Software Producers
  • Third-Party Code
  • OSS Projects
  • Internal Shared Modules
  • Internal SCA Scans
SBOM Insights - Refine

Control What’s In Your SBOMs

The software supply chain is complex. SBOM Insights allows you to pull in SBOMs from external sources and across your enterprise, review and refine SBOM parts, and remediate issues quickly.


  • Ingest SBOMs
  • Reconcile SBOM Parts
  • Refine SBOM Parts
  • Manage SBOM Part Relationships
  • Review SBOM Parts
  • Remediate SBOM Parts
SBOM Insights - Utilize

Fulfill Outbound SBOM Obligations

Put the data in SBOM Insights to work for better business outcomes. Generate compliance artifacts, assess your legal and security risk, and understand your usage trends.


  • Generate Compliance Artifacts
  • Assess Legal & Security Risk
  • Review Alerts
  • Perform Impact Analysis
  • View Usage Insights
  • View Trends


Track all the components in your software, regardless of where in the supply chain they originated—both inside and out of your organization:

  • Software producers
  • Third-Party Code
  • OSS Projects
  • Internal Shared Modules
  • Internal SCA Scans

The first step in compliance is building an SBOM. Know where all components exist in software applications and where they came from to effectively manage legal and security risk.

Unify All Your SBOMs

Revenera's SBOM Insights ingests from a wide range of data sources, bringing together all SBOMs across your organization into a single actionable view.

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A trend I recently observed is customers going from inquiring about the existence of an open source SBOM, to now requiring the delivery with each release. SBOM Insights will play a critical role in filling in this gap.

Mark Gisi Director, Open Source Program Office, Wind River



or more of the components in a single software application do not originate from the vendor selling that software solution


items in a single application didn’t originate with you


increase in third-party items found in a single application over prior year


of organizations were impacted by a software supply chain attack


security vulnerabilities per audit project


of organizations will produce or consume SBOMs in 2022

Source: Revenera 2021 Audit Services

Easy Ingestion of SBOM Parts Across the Enterprise

Easy Ingestion of SBOM Parts Across the Enterprise

Collect your SBOM parts from multiple sources in a wide range of formats from across your enterprise—inside and out. SBOM Insights ingests data easily from some of the most popular tools, as well as various industry SBOM generation tools.

Create an Actionable SBOM that Delivers Insights

Organize and refine all your SBOM parts. Perform automated reviews, identify compliance issues, and manage remediation work to address security vulnerability, license compliance, and operational risk issues. Create compliance artifacts and meet your legal obligations of customers and downstream supply chain partners.

SBOM Insights - Vulnerability Report

Expand Your Perspective for Continuous Risk Assessment

Get ongoing risk assessment for license compliance issues and security threats to meet the needs of your legal and security teams. Continuously assess risk across your portfolio of software applications and the supply chain.

Export a Unified SBOM

Deliver a single, unified SBOM—expanding the level of transparency into your applications beyond just the code you control. Produce compliance artifacts, third-party notices, and security reports.

Export a Unified SBOM

Analyze and Act on Your SBOMs with Intelligence

SBOM Insights supports the aggregation, ingestion, and reconciliation of SBOM data from various internal and external data sources, providing the needed insights to manage legal and security risk, deliver compliance artifacts, and secure your software supply chain.

SBOM Insights Supply Chain


  • Manage a complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in the cloud
  • Ingest data from a wide range of sources, unifying internal and external SBOMs across your organization into a single actionable view
  • Generate compliance artifacts for customers and downstream supply chain partners
  • Provide full visibility to all third-party components to designated users within your organization and externally at any time.
  • Ingest SBOM data from partners, vendors and suppliers in SPDX and CycloneDX formats
  • Reconcile and normalize the data into a single hierarchical SBOM


Software Composition Analysis

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Revenera's end-to-end solution delivers a complete, accurate SBOM while managing license compliance and security.