Entitlement Management

Efficiently Operate Your On-Premises, SaaS, and Embedded Software Business

Entitlement Management Software Solutions

Single Pane of Glass Centralizes Management and Insights Across Deployment and Monetization Models

A successful software business needs an efficient operations center – a central entitlement management back office for your On-Premises, Software as a Service (SaaS) or Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded software solutions.

Know what your customers own, and what they are using. Monetize software and devices effectively and manage compliance and customer growth. FlexNet Operations supports all monetization models – from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models.

Revenera Entitlement Management

Regardless of how your software is deployed – on-premises, Cloud, SaaS, or embedded in devices – Revenera’s Entitlement Management software solutions empower software suppliers and their channel partners with:

  • A central system of record for who is allowed to use what and who is using what
  • Automated fulfilment and enforcement of customer use rights
  • Rapid revenue recognition through automated delivery of software
  • Control for product management teams to make changes to packaging and monetization models independent form Engineering
  • A robust solution for software operations for fast and simple management of delivery, fulfilment and revenue recognition events
  • Automated renewal management
  • Customer self-services

Deployment Models

On-Premises Software

Revenera’s state-of-the-art technology enables you to provision users, change their use rights, activate or deactivate software.  Customers can even manage these tasks directly through a self-service portal.  You’ll provide a great user experience but still know what’s going on, how much is being used and how much is owed.  Seamlessly integrate with business systems (ERP or CRM) or billing systems to process renewals, payments and all other back-office processes related to running a digital business.


Software products’ transition to services and SaaS is everywhere. Adoption is growing across consumer software, business software and IoT offerings - at an increasing pace. Revenera’s market-leading entitlement management enables suppliers to run a successful SaaS business:

  • Enable flexible and hybrid monetization models, based on users, module and feature usage, transactions, and more.
  • Easily adopt and implement new packaging and pricing models
  • Streamline processes for provisioning and fulfilment across product offerings

Revenera enables you to provision users and their use rights directly in-app, using a secure and easy to use web services framework, while updating your software monetization back office instantly with up-to-date user and consumption data.

Embedded Software

Software is a primary driver of value and differentiation in intelligent devices and IoT - and successful companies have also developed a professional and profitable software business. Revenera empowers you to leverage software to monetize devices from the edge to the cloud. That means IoT platform vendors monetizing access to their solutions and device vendors managing and generating revenue from the growing number of intelligent devices. Revenera solutions enable you to do that in a secure way and get a head start on your competition to realize the earning potential of IoT, supporting all levels of connectivity and business – from start-up to some of the biggest Industrial IoT players in the world.

Revenera’s FlexNet Operations entitlement management software allows you to manage devices, customers and their usage.  You can automate software operations processes like version upgrades, customer notifications and software delivery, all based on customer entitlements. Control all monetization models for your software products and devices – connected or disconnected - in a central place, regardless of deployment options.

Entitlement Management - Revenera Software Monetization

Revenera Entitlement Management Software Solution - license, delivery, update and analyze your software products based on customer entitlements



  • Capitalize on new revenue opportunities
  • Optimize the trial to buy process
  • Maximize revenue from upgrades and renewals
  • Reduce churn and drive upsell/cross-sell initiatives based on usage insight



  • Manage your on-premises, Cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded apps in one central software monetization back office
  • Track and manage license compliance and measure usage
  • Dynamically create product configurations (like standard and light versions) and change features on demand
  • Make strategic decisions for future product development and pricing based on customer and product insight
  • Streamline operational processes and automate transactions, notifications and reports


FlexNet Operations is a cloud solution managed by Revenera. We offer hosting options in North America and Europe, in Revenera data centers or on AWS. Our offering is tailored to the needs of global software suppliers, delivering on your data residency, performance and scalability requirements. To find out more, contact us.

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