Cybersecurity Executive Order Update

On September 14th, The White House published a memorandum addressing the state of the global software supply chain.


The State of Software License Enforcement

Frost & Sullivan analysts have published a new study into the changing landscape of software license enforcement, and how solution providers are helping software producers adapt to increased demand for SaaS deployments and intelligent devices. The software enforcement market is forecast to more than double over the next six years, as software suppliers transition from homegrown licensing to specialist third-party integrations that can improve entitlement management and monetization strategies. The following have been identified as key drivers in the rise of software license enforcement: H

White Papers & Industry Reports

Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2022

Read Revenera’s research report on trends in how software producers collect and analyze software usage data. 


Use of containers in modern application development

Over the last few years, containers have become popular for software distribution and deployment, representing the innovation that software deployment desperately needed in a space where runtime environments are so fragmented. However, like any other disruption, this comes with its own challenges regarding software provenance – who added what to a container at what stage.


All About the Open SSL Vulnerabilities

In this podcast Revenera experts break down the details of the two high severity OpenSSL vulnerabilities. Understand your next steps and what you should be doing to identify and remediate these issues.


Product Monetization Strategy: Your Forecast for the Future

If you’re responsible for developing a product monetization strategy, Revenera’s Monetization Monitor should be essential reading. The annual report based on our survey of global software suppliers is packed full of insights into how they are evolving business models, pricing plans, and deployment options to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in today’s market. The first report in the 2022 series focuses on Monetization Models and Strategies, and results indicate the trend toward SaaS offerings and subscription-based licensing continues to grow as publishers transition with hybrid

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Planning for Software Business Success in 2023

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Join Revenera’s Software Monetization team for this in-depth discussion offering practical advice on boosting your bottom line in uncertain times.


New OpenSSL Vulnerability: Act Now

The OpenSSL project announced on October 25, 2022 that it was releasing OpenSSL version 3.0.7 which will patch newly discovered vulnerabilities in current versions of OpenSSL. Patches were released today.   OpenSSL is the core open source library that implements SSL and TLS protocols which makes it possible to securely communicate over the internet. Does all of this sound familiar? Remember “Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160)?” Multiple attacks in 2014 exploited the ”Heartbleed” software flaw in OpenSSL, allowing attackers to spy on Internet communications, steal data, and impersonate services.

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Manage Software Ingredients for Complete Transparency

Adoption of Software Bills of Material (SBoMs) is critical to securing the software supply chain and improving cybersecurity throughout the open source ecosystem. Watch this webinar to learn how to use SBoMs to effectively manage all your open source, third-party and commercial software, regardless of its origin in all software deployment models including on-prem and SaaS


The Need for Ongoing Software Developer Training

While there are currently thousands of institutions around the globe that train people in software development, only a fraction of those focus directly on code security. Surprisingly, even though there is an 80:1 ratio between software developers and security specialists, many still believe that the responsibility to find and eradicate vulnerabilities is only on security experts.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Frost & Sullivan: Software Enforcement Segment of the SLM Market - A Global Analysis

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has published a new report into the evolution of software enforcement, detailing how publishers are increasingly moving away from homegrown licensing to embrace specialist third-party integrations.

Webinars & Events

Open Source Exchange – November 2022

Watch Revenera and a panel of experts to discuss trends in open source, regulatory changes, the criticality of implementing a Software Bill of Materials and what organizations should be doing, along with what’s happening in the software supply chain.