Manage Your Software Supply Chain

Better manage your software supply chain with SBOM Insights from Revenera. SBOM Insights ingests data from a wide range of sources—both inside and outside your organization—and then unifies all SBOMs into a single actionable view.


SBOMs: It’s All About Transparency into the Complexity of Your Software

Over the past few years, the software industry has increasingly relied on open-source software. It’s rare to find an application that solely uses proprietary components, with most enlisting a mix of third-party and open-source components. While this has led to a greater scope of what applications can do, as well…

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Business Drivers of SBOM Adoption

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) enables software-producing organizations to provide transparency to customers and downstream supply chain partners by disclosing the composition of their applications. Producing complete, accurate SBOMs supports better management of licensing and security risk within applications.

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SBOM Insights for Intelligent SBOM Management

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Manage a complete Software Bill of Materials in a SaaS environment and ingest data from a wide range of sources, unifying internal and external SBOMs across your organization.


The Role of OpenChain Conformance

  The OpenChain Standard defines the key requirements that are needed when constructing a high-quality open-source program. This standard was designed and elaborated by the OpenChain Project and has been the go-to international standard for open-source license compliance since 2016. The central goal of the OpenChain Standard is to ensure…

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A New, More Effective Way to Create and Manage SBOMs

September 27th 2022

Register to learn about the latest technology that helps you, effectively manage ALL your open-source, third-party, commercial software, regardless of where it originates from and much more in this Revenera webinar, where you’ll be able to see it in action


InstallShield 2022 Features and Benefits

Revenera introduces the next version of InstallShield. Venkat Ram Donga, Principal Product Manager, talks about InstallShield’s integration with Visual Studio 2022 and support for custom extensions in MSIX projects. At the end of the discussion, Venkat gives a quick demo.


Everything Your Business Needs to Know About SBOMs

On the 12th of May 2021, The White House released an Executive Order (EO) that outlined the guidelines for improving the cybersecurity of the United States. After many high-profile cybersecurity breaches related to exploits within widely used open source software, the Federal Government moved to learn from past exploits and…


SoftSummit 2022 Breakdown: Software Monetization Trends, Models, and Implementation Strategies

The SoftSummit 2022 conference brought together industry leaders in software monetization to discuss their insights and experiences within this evolving landscape. With a global audience and leaders in the space sharing their findings, the event was a day packed full of actionable insights, engaging strategies, and detailed use data. Across…

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Transforming Software Usage Data into Actionable Insights

Watch Revenera’s VP, Product Management, Software Monetization, Vic DeMarines to learn how software suppliers are leveraging software usage data and hear about the types of usage data that can yield significant and actionable insights.

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User Group 2022 – Compliance Intelligence

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Register to attend Revenera’s first ever Compliance Intelligence User Group event, where you will be able to engage with and hear from your peers, product experts and partners


How the U.S. Executive Order Is Shaping the Software Supply Chain Going Forward

  Early in December of 2021, the international cybersecurity community mobilized in response to the discovery of the Log4J vulnerability. This critical vulnerability was within the logging library of Apache, a core component used across millions of Java-based applications. The vulnerability, known as Log4Shell, rated a 10/10 on the CVSS…