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Modernizing Monetization: Making the Move to Recurring Revenue Models

Register for the webinar to discover how software creates value for intelligent device customers and can be a good recurring source of income for manufacturers

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Reduce Software Supply Chain Uncertainty

Join Forester’s Senior Analyst, Janet Worthington and Revenera’s Senior Director of Product Management, Alex Rybak, as they provide clarity on the role of the (SBOM) and steps for improved software supply chain integrity.


The CFO’s Role in Preparing for the Transition to SaaS

We’ve discussed the CFO’s role in growing company revenue and overall valuation, and how transitioning on-premises offerings to SaaS and moving from one-time perpetual license sales to recurring revenue models are at the top the strategic project lists for many technology CFOs. It is important to know that moving to…

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Building a Successful Open Source Program Office

Hear why Open Source Program Office’s (OSPO) are important from industry leading experts and learn, not only how to get started, but which stakeholders should play critical roles in your OSPO in this Revenera and DevOps webinar.

Webinars & Events

SoftSummit 2022

Revenera’s annual SoftSummit event returns for its 2022 installment. Join industry leaders for sessions focused on software monetization trends & strategies, along with implementing & balancing on-premise, SaaS, & hybrid deployment models.


June Newsletter: The Latest Buzz in Software Composition Analysis Professional Services

In The News Software Composition Analysis Certification for Legal Professionals Log4j: Come out, come out wherever you are! Spring4Shell: Deep breath. Don’t panic. Mitigate. Field Notes: Understanding GPL Linking Exceptions The Legal Side of of Compliance and Security in M&A and Software Auditing (Panel Discussion) Trends 2021 – 2022 Audit…


Pursuing Software Piracy Claims in China

Register to listen to a conversation with Chris Bailey and Landy Jiang, Partner at Lushung, Rouse’s network law firm, along with Revenera experts and discover key insights on software piracy and litigation in China.


Legal Attribution for OSS Authors

When open source components are used, that code is authored by someone who licenses the use of the code to others. Licenses vary and so do the legal obligations of the user. Listen to this podcast to learn about attribution obligations.

White Papers & Industry Reports

IDC Analyst Brief: The Open Source Blind Spot Putting Businesses at Risk

IDC analysts explain why having a plan for protecting the software supply chain that includes a robust SCA solution, SBOM creation, and an open source license compliance and security policy is essential.

Data Sheets

User's Guide to Open Source Licenses

Not all open source licenses are the same. Users must adhere to individual license requirements,
like preserving copyrights and license text, and providing attribution. Learn more about some of the popular licenses and get a helpful license compliance checklist.


Software Piracy Statistics 2022 – Stat Watch

Once again, we’ve compiled aggregate Revenera Compliance Intelligence data to produce our annual list of the Top 20 Software License Misuse and Piracy Hotspots around the globe for 2022. If you’re not familiar, Compliance Intelligence enables software suppliers to detect, identify and report on the unlicensed use of their applications…


Your Experience Matters: Take the 2022 Monetization Monitor Survey

Regular readers of the Revenera blog will not be surprised to learn that I am fascinated by data and the insights that analysis of that data can surface. One of my favorite projects each year is analyzing the data in our Monetization Monitor Software Industry Survey to uncover where our…