What’s Trending with SBOMs, Developers, and Code Scanning

Those involved in the world of software development are used to continuous change, high expectations, and industry interruptions that require constant pivoting, but the last couple of years have challenged the most stalwart of professionals. There was the pandemic beginning in 2020 that may have long-lasting impact. In 2021, we…

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Cloud License Server with InstallShield

Get your questions answered about how to eliminate the time and effort required to set up and manage local License Servers. Easily configure your builds from the DevOps build pipeline with InstallShield’s Cloud License Server.

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Automate Third-Party Attribution for Open Source Licenses

Licenses vary and so do the legal obligations of the user. Attribution for the author is one of those necessary obligations. Code Insight from Revenera automatically satisfies this requirement by generating complete third-party notices with just the push of a button.


Pursuing Software Piracy Claims in China

There are many misconceptions about intellectual property protections in China, the processes for seeking redress, and the likelihood of success. My colleague Vic DeMarines, VP, Product Management for Software Monetization, and I recently welcomed Chris Bailey, a Principal at Rouse, and Landy Jiang, a Partner at Lusheng, (Rouse’s network law…


The CFO’s Role in Growing Company Revenue and Overall Valuation

The way a company monetizes its software has a huge impact on business success, growth and profitability. CFOs and financial leaders strive to make their software companies even more successful and set them up for growth. Moving away from one-time perpetual license sales to recurring revenue models, as well as…

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The R&D Dilemma: Build or Buy Systems for Entitlement, Licenses and Usage Management

Join Revenera’s VP, Engineering, Ravi Mazumdar and VP, Products and Marketing, Nicole Segerer for a discussion centered around whether you should build or buy.

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“Unpacking MSIX”: Panel Discussion

Watch this roundtable discussion to learn more about how developers can retain as much code as possible as they continue to innovate and modernize applications.


Understanding the Exploitability of Spring4Shell

The Spring4Shell vulnerability can be exploited when an attacker sends a specially crafted query to a web server running the Spring Core framework. Listen to this podcast to learn what it is and steps to take.

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SoftSummit 2022

Revenera’s annual SoftSummit event returns for its 2022 installment. Join industry leaders for sessions focused on software monetization trends & strategies, along with implementing & balancing on-premise, SaaS, & hybrid deployment models.

White Papers & Industry Reports

The CFO’s Ultimate Guide to Successfully Transitioning to SaaS

This Guide is a valuable primer for CFOs (and those that need insight into CFO priorities) that are on the path to SaaS deployment and subscription monetization models. Learn which metrics to focus on, and how to change your business’ operations to accommodate SaaS.

White Papers & Industry Reports

The Product Manager's Ultimate Guide to Successful SaaS Implementation

In this eBook learn how to facilitate the successful operation of a SaaS business, with flexible and hybrid monetization models, new packaging and pricing models, and streamlined processes for provisioning and fulfillment across product offerings


Spring4Shell: Deep breath. Don’t panic. Mitigate.

Development and security teams, software creators, and companies alike were hit once again with another vulnerability when news made its way online of a disclosure of a PoC for an unauthenticated zero-day vulnerability in Spring Core. The disclosure of CVE-2022-22965—nicknamed Spring4Shell—is an RCE vulnerability in one of the most popular…