Webinars & Events

Plotting Your Course to SaaS: Technical Considerations for Product Packaging and Customer Entitlements

Join Revenera experts in this one hour webinar for part 2 of the Saas Monetization series. This time around the focus will be on technical considerations for product packaging and customer entitlements.

Webinars & Events

What’s on the Horizon for the Software Supply Chain?

Join Revenera’s Director of Product Management, Alex Rybak, as he uncovers and provides insights regarding the complex factors facing the software supply chain.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2021

Download the second report, drawn from Revenera’s global software industry survey, which focuses on the implementation of usage analytics in the software industry; how it’s use can be improved and how it contributes to license compliance initiatives.

White Papers & Industry Reports

A Developer’s Guide to MSIX

MSIX represents a new, modern runtime environment intended to protect both your application and end-user systems. This one-of-a-kind book will help you retain as much code as possible while modernizing your applications for containerized packages.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Enabling Software Suppliers to Embrace Containerization While Boosting Monetization and Customer Experience

Software suppliers continue to grapple with the longstanding operational challenges related to monetizing their products and maximizing customer satisfaction. This white paper from ESG discusses how to meet those objectives in the context of software containerization.

Case Studies

TechSmith Improves Products and User Experience While Growing Sales

Usage Intelligence and ReachOut in-app messaging helps TechSmith grow revenue.

Case Studies

Reducing Piracy, Growing Revenue — and Strengthening Customer Relationships

A customer-centric approach to piracy that works, based on rock-solid data from Compliance Intelligence.

Case Studies

Ramping Up a Profitable New Compliance Program

Developer of engineering tools driving new revenue throughout North America and Europe with Revenera.

Case Studies

Infor F9 reaches for the future with new Revenera monetization solution

Infor F9 now has an automated end-to-end monetization platform delivering modern licensing capabilities.

Case Studies

Earning New and Increased Profits from Hundreds of Customers Worldwide

Specialized manufacturing software developer uses Compliance Intelligence to monetizes license infringement worldwide

Case Studies

Virtual Hold Technologies Uses Flexera Software to Electronically Deliver Software

Virtual Hold Technologies uses FlexNet Operations and FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery to electronically deliver software to customers and accelerate revenue recognition.


Software supply-chain vulnerabilities: A close look on code


Vulnerabilities that affect the supply chain of software and its distribution are easily among the most terrifying experiences any company involved must endure. Such vulnerabilities typically affect a wide range of different parties who use the affected software or parts thereof and who may distribute them further down the road.…