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Grow Subscriptions and Recurring Revenue with Entitlement Management for SaaS, IoT and Software Businesses.

Entitlement Management with Revenera FlexNet Operations

Centralized Management and Insights Across Deployment and Monetization Models

FlexNet® Operations enables you to monetize software effectively and manage compliance and customer growth. It supports all monetization models—from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models. FlexNet Operations empowers you to manage entitlement management and the corresponding software delivery, update and licensing processes for embedded, on-premises, SaaS and cloud solutions:

  • Track and manage compliance
  • Measure usage as a basis for pricing
  • Optimize the trial to buy process
  • Dynamically create product configurations (like standard and light versions)
  • Change features on demand and monetize premium features
  • Know exactly who is using what so you can monetize effectively

Packaging, pricing, deployment and provisioning options are always changing. Customer use rights (entitlements) change as well—assets move within the company as customers upgrade or downgrade their packages or they go through M&A or divestitures. FlexNet Operations manages the dynamic nature of software entitlements. You get the needed insight to make the connection between your software products, your devices, your customers and their usage.

Entitlement Management Software - Revenera Software Monetization

FlexNet Operations - license, delivery, update and analyze your software products based on customer entitlements


  • Embrace new business models
  • Maximize revenue from existing customers
  • Streamline back-office processes
  • Innovate and evolve products quickly
  • Protect software IP

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