Streamline Your Processes and Gain Actionable Insights with FlexNet Operations

Complete visibility of customer entitlements across SaaS, on-premises, embedded, and hybrid deployments can empower data-driven decisions to grow recurring revenue.

FlexNet Operations – Entitlement Management System

Centralized Entitlement Management Across All Deployment and Monetization Models

FlexNet Operations enables you to monetize your software, manage compliance and support customer growth. It facilitates all monetization models—from traditional perpetual licenses to flexible subscription, consumption, and pay-per-use models – while also integrating and automating parts of the quote-to-cash process to expedite revenue recognition. 

The robust entitlement management system allows you to streamline back-office infrastructure by centralizing fulfillment and data collection processes for your entire product line, providing a ‘single pane of glass’ for 360-degree visibility into customer entitlements across every deployment – SaaS, embedded, on-premises, and cloud.

FlexNet Operations empowers you to: 

  • Improve the customer experience with self-service activation and clear usage reporting
  • Boost retention and grow recurring revenue with automated alerts to flag churn risk
  • Gain usage insights to learn key value drivers and better inform roadmap planning
  • Accelerate time-to-market with standardized processes across your product line
  • Add features on demand and enable flexible pricing and packaging options
  • Deliver updates electronically
Diagram explaining how an entitlement management system operates.

FlexNet Operations - license, deliver, update and analyze your software products based on customer entitlements.

Most application producers don’t get how critical licensing and entitlement management is for revenue generation—we weren’t going to make that mistake. Revenera has been right there for us.


Software Monetization Best Practices

Revenera’s fully integrated license and entitlement management system supports the dynamic nature of software entitlements, allowing you to customize product configurations and feature bundles for specific use cases.

Self-service functionality also ensures end customers can directly administer use rights, controlling access as needs dictate and reducing support calls in the process.

Consolidating multiple entitlement management systems into a single platform enables you to gain actionable insights, providing usage transparency for consumption models and aiding renewal management across your product portfolio.



  • Rapidly embrace new business models with support for all monetization strategies
  • Maximize revenue from existing customers by identifying upsell opportunities
  • Streamline and automate back-office processes with standardized technology
  • Remove silos by centralizing disparate entitlement management systems
  • Measure usage as a basis for pricing
  • Enable end customer self-service
  • Optimize the trial-to-buy process
  • Track and manage compliance
  • Protect software IP

Analytics Dashboard


  • Gauge a customer's renewal position based on entitlement consumption
  • Enable notifications to drive outreach activities
Screenshot of the Customer Renewals report in the FlexNet Operations Analytics Dashboard.
Screenshot of the fulfillment report within the Flexnet Operations entitlement management system.


  • Gain insight into whether customers are fully utilizing the products they acquire
  • Identify upsell opportunities or areas that require customer success engagement

High-Water Mark

  • Track consumption of licensable features by applications over time
  • Set automated notifications for custom thresholds, alerting producers to upsell opportunities while helping customers avoid surprise overage bills
Screenshot of the High-Water Mark report within Revenera's entitlement management system.

For us, the immediate win is customer experience. Our customers have access to everything, whenever they need it, and pay only for what they use. It’s a long term strategy focused on our customer’s success and Revenera’s solutions give us the data we need to execute it.



Software Monetization

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