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Today's computing environments are complex with a growing list of requirements and customer needs. Software installations should be safe, fast, and reliable, enabling development teams to focus on what matters most.

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Revenera Software Installation

You’ve built a great software product that users love. Why risk an installation error and a poor customer experience? Play it safe with Revenera’s InstallShield® and InstallAnywhere®.

More than 100,000 application producers choose InstallShield to develop EXE and MSI installers, create app packages and virtualize their apps. On agile or traditional development teams. Creating standalone offerings or complex suites. Deployed to the Windows Store or Nano Server.


  • We set the bar for reliable installations on 500+ million PCs and servers.

  • More developers choose us to build MSI and EXE installers, and create UWP and WSA app packages. For desktop, server, cloud and virtual environments.

  • Licensing is flexible based on team size, number of machines and locations.



With InstallShield, you’ll adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. And you’ll be ready for Microsoft’s latest deployment type-MSIX. The result? Productivity: up. Extra scripting/ coding/rework: way down. It’s just one more way we’re raising the bar for installation.


From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for these on-premises platforms: Windows®, Linux®, Apple®, Solaris®, AIX, HP-UX and IBM®. Take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure, and create Docker containers—all from a single InstallAnywhere project.


Discover the best practices and trends in software installation development.


MSIX presents an opportunity for developers to enhance the installation experience – faster and more reliable. We are excited to see Revenera’s commitment to MSIX to ensure that software suppliers easily benefit from all the advantages.

John Vintzel Principal Program Manager Lead for MSIX

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Installation Design & Dev Consulting

Our Consulting Service Team has helped many of our customers – from independent software vendors (ISVs) to enterprise IT developers – implement a software installer that both meets their business needs and conforms to industry best practices. With over 30 years of installation development experience, they apply proven methodologies to help prevent failed installations that can negatively impact a customer's first impression of your product and result in substantial support costs. 

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Installation Training

From basic to advanced training for MSI projects to single day, microconsulting for specific, short-term needs like setup challenges or troubleshooting failed patches and updates, we offer a variety of training courses to help you understand how to quickly get the most out of the world's #1 software installer tools – InstallShield and InstallAnywhere.

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Software Installation

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