InstallShield with Cloud License Server

Build Installers in your DevOps Pipelines

Eliminate the time and effort required to set up and manage local License Servers. Easily configure your builds from the DevOps build pipeline with InstallShield’s Cloud License Server.

The InstallShield cloud licensing option provides you with the support and flexibility to easily build your installers in your DevOps pipeline itself rather than as a separate process.


  • Use InstallShield's Standalone Build (SAB) to build on dynamically created VMs in the cloud, specifically, hosted agents in Azure DevOps.
  • Works on any cloud environment - Azure DevOps/AWS/GCP.
  • Supports build machines that have random (or dynamically generated) mac addresses.
  • CLS instances are hosted in Revenera data centers. No maintenance needed from you.
  • 99 SAB licenses with each CLS license



Easy Transition to Cloud

CLS makes the transition seamless to build your existing InstallShield projects


Cloud Agnostic

CLS is hosted in Revenera’s data centers and practically any internet connected computer can check out licenses making this cloud agnostic solution


Azure DevOps Extension

No complicated steps in the pipelines to build projects. The native Azure DevOps Extension integrates with your build processes well resulting in best utilization of hosted agents.

InstallShield Build - Visual Studio Marketplace
Revenera automated checks

Zero Maintenance

Since there is no server hosted by users, there is practically zero maintenance. No security patches, no EOL OS issues, no returns or reactivations

Build Software Installations in the Cloud

Moving your on-premise build infrastructure to the cloud shouldn't be difficult. With Cloud License Server from Revenera, it's not

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  • I want to run multiple instances of InstallShield and/or SAB at the same time, but don’t want to be tied to a machine. What’s the best licensing model for me?

    Concurrent Licensing is the best model we recommend if you want flexibility on number of users accessing InstallShield or building at the same time
  • Where should I host the license server if I’m using CLS?

    CLS is provisioned, hosted and maintained by Revenera. You have zero effort or cost to deploy or maintain the license server.
  • Do I need a special network connection to checkout licenses from CLS?

    No. As long as you have active internet connection, your client machines with InstallShield or SAB would be able to checkout licenses from CLS.
  • How does the communication happen between InstallShield and CLS?

    Communication between InstallShield and CLS is via simple HTTP calls. For more details, please reach out to our sales or support.
  • Is there any file transfer between our VMs and your CLS instances?

    No. Only license checkout/check-in happens via http calls between client and CLS
  • When does license checkout, check-in happen?

    When using IDE, license is checked out when launched the IDE. License is checked in, when IDE is closed. When using SAB, license is checked out when build starts. License is checked in, when build is complete


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