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Helping You Design and Implement Robust MSI Installer and Cross Platform Installer Solutions.


Revenera has over 30 years of offering customized outsourced installation development solutions. We developed and marketed the first windows installer (MSI) based on InstallShield, subsequently delivered the market leading cross-platform software installation development solution, InstallAnywhere, and assisted hundreds of customers with their unique outsourced software development needs specific to setup programs. These services are primarily targeted to independent software vendors (ISVs) but can be equally applied to custom application deployment within an enterprise.

Our team fundamentally understands the numerous challenges involved with small to large scale installation development. We've delivered "bullet proof" setups for customers facing numerous setup specific challenges including: patching and updating, self-repair, admin deployment and more.

Additionally, beyond assisting customers with actually building their installation programs, our team offers architectural and code review services, advanced support and troubleshooting, training and more.


  • Failed installations can negatively impact a customer's first impression of the product. Inherently sound applications can be judged negatively due to failed installations.
  • Failed application patching or updating can render the application inoperable.
  • Cross platform installations (i.e. Java applications on Unix) require difficult to acquire specialized installation development skills.
  • Understaffed installation development resources can delay delivery of the product putting the release or schedules at risk.
  • Undertrained or junior resources may not deliver an installation program up to best practice standards, introducing risk to the product. Furthermore, techniques for authoring installations may differ based on the goal of delivering to an end user or IT administrator.
  • All of the above may lead to increased software maintenance and support costs for the organization.


The service engagement is delivered by a Consultant, Senior or Principal staff with 5-15 years of experience with InstallShield and/or InstallAnywhere software installation implementations. These resources possess software development skills in C++, C#, Java and others. Additionally, they have delivered hundreds of installation projects for numerous verticals and are familiar with the best practice software installation implementations within the energy industry, healthcare, financial services, government and more.

Specific topics and approaches of this service include:

  • Initial Needs Analysis and Discovery
  • White boarding
  • Business Problem(s) Rationalization / Prioritization
  • Project and Implementation Plans
  • Project Phasing
  • Resourcing Plans
  • Statement of Work creation
  • Build
  • Test
  • Go live Support

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