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Software installation, open source software scanning and software monetization. Revenera (Formerly Flexera Software) is leading the charge on a wide range of fronts, so there’s a lot to cover. Catch up with our latest media coverage and recognition. 

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Flexera and Revenera Earn Great Place to Work Certification™

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Revenera Announces OpenChain Conformance

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Revenera Releases 2022 Report on Software Supply Chain Compliance

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SaaS and Subscription: Complements, Not Synonyms


Victor DeMarines, vice president of software monetization product management at Revenera, clears up confusion about the differences between two increasingly common and important concepts in software: SaaS (a deployment model) and subscription (a monetization model). Adopting these models—individually or in combination—requires clear understanding and analysis of their differences, the needs they meet, and the benefits they deliver for business initiatives and financial goals.


The Value of Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Collecting Software Usage Data


When used together, qualitative and quantitative approaches can provide precise, valuable insights to help optimize products—while also reducing the time and expenses related to gathering feedback. Michael Goff, principal, product marketing at Revenera, shows how software suppliers can gain the deepest possible insights into  users’ experiences by relying on these complementary methods.


How To Minimize Disruption When Security Vulnerabilities Are Revealed


When the Log4j vulnerability was revealed in December 2021, IT teams and security experts scrambled for stability. Responses don’t need to be—and shouldn’t be—so frenzied the next time. Alex Rybak, Director of Product Management at Revenera, shares four processes to protect your code—and your time.

Recent awards

IoT Breakthrough Award


Revenera Named “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” By IoT Breakthrough

The award marks the fifth year that the prestigious annual IoT Breakthrough Awards Program has recognized Revenera for standout Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. IoT Breakthrough is a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global IoT market.



Revenera honored by SD Times by being named among 2021’s best development tools.

The SD Times 100 recognizes the top innovators and leaders in multiple software development industry areas. The 2021 SD Times 100 honors those technology leaders and innovators for helping their customers find the new ways of working.



Revenera Honored as “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” in 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

Revenera has been selected as the winner of the “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” award in the 5th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program from IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market.

Recent blog posts


Pursuing Software Piracy Claims in China

There are many misconceptions about intellectual property protections in China, the processes for seeking redress, and the likelihood of success. My colleague Vic DeMarines, VP, Product Management for Software Monetization, and I recently welcomed Chris Bailey, a Principal at Rouse, and Landy Jiang, a Partner at Lusheng, (Rouse’s network law…


The CFO’s Role in Growing Company Revenue and Overall Valuation

The way a company monetizes its software has a huge impact on business success, growth and profitability. CFOs and financial leaders strive to make their software companies even more successful and set them up for growth. Moving away from one-time perpetual license sales to recurring revenue models, as well as…


Spring4Shell: Deep breath. Don’t panic. Mitigate.

Development and security teams, software creators, and companies alike were hit once again with another vulnerability when news made its way online of a disclosure of a PoC for an unauthenticated zero-day vulnerability in Spring Core. The disclosure of CVE-2022-22965—nicknamed Spring4Shell—is an RCE vulnerability in one of the most popular…