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Flexera and Revenera Earn Great Place to Work Certification™

Flexera’s certification is driven by an employee engagement survey that measured the extent to which employees across the organisation reported a consistently great workplace experience, considering factors such as their daily encounters of innovation, inclusivity, company values and the effectiveness of its leaders.

Revenera Announces OpenChain Conformance

“OpenChain and Revenera share a value: we both want to increase trust and transparency in open source software usage. Our adoption of the OpenChain specification further demonstrates our commitment to lead by example.

Revenera Releases 2022 Report on Software Supply Chain Compliance

The Revenera report analyzes data from more than 100 open source audit projects conducted in 2021, identifying trends related to companies’ use of open source software (OSS) and their awareness of the associated license compliance and security risks.

Revenera Named “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” By IoT Breakthrough

This is the fifth year Revenera has been named a winner in the IoT Breakthrough Awards program. It was previously recognized for three years running as the “IoT Enablement Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market” and was first recognized as the “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” in the 2021 awards.

Revenera Named “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” For Second Straight Year By IoT Breakthrough

This is the fifth year Revenera has been named a winner in the IoT Breakthrough Awards program. It was previously recognized for three years running as the “IoT Enablement Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market” and was first recognized as the “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” in the 2021 awards.

Revenera Releases A Developer’s Guide to MSIX

MSIX, Microsoft’s packaging format, is the newest replacement for the Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) and Setup EXE installer technologies that have been around for decades. MSIX continues to gain acceptance and adoption because of the benefits it brings in terms of security, ease of use, and reliability in application installations. Revenera’s InstallShield helps software producers build MSIX packages for this new, modern runtime environment intended to protect both their applications and end-user systems.

Revenera Monetization Monitor Research Reviews Trends in Software Usage Analytics and Monetization

“Our report clearly shows that product management teams have done their homework. Seventy percent of companies are collecting software usage insights today. This number will only grow. Without data-driven decisions, innovation and revenue growth can be stymied,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Products and Marketing at Revenera. “However, simply collecting data isn’t enough: leading companies automate the process and access to the data to get the best possible results out of their usage insights.”

Chicago Tribune Names Flexera a Winner of the Chicagoland Top Workplaces 2021 Award for 10th Consecutive Year

“Receiving this award for the tenth consecutive year reaffirms that our culture continues to be one where employees feel supported, connected and valued,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Flexera. “On behalf of our company and our customers, I thank our employees for giving us this honor again.”

Flexera and Revenera Earn Great Place to Work Certification™

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation.

Revenera Continues to Grow and Moves to Subscription Pricing

“Revenera continues lead in the monetization, software composition analysis and installation markets, in part because we spend so much time and energy listening to our customers and continuously delivering value. The software industry is adopting subscription broadly, and it is more aligned with our customer-centric business philosophy,” said Brent Pietrzak, SVP and General Manager of Revenera.

Industry-Wide Move to Subscription

Revenera Study Highlights the Importance of SaaS and Subscription Models for the Software Industry

“Software companies are looking for ways to move to SaaS offerings and recurring revenue. While the transition accelerates, they must also deliver on the needs of their end customers, who might not be able to move at the same pace. The result is a robust mix of monetization and delivery models that technology companies offer today,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Products and Marketing at Revenera. “Suppliers that want to get ahead of the growing complexity invest in better understanding product usage so they can make better informed roadmap decisions.”

Revenera Releases InstallShield 2021 with Support for Cloud Build Infrastructures and Windows 11 Readiness

With this new release, Revenera also announced the availability of a cloud licensing option that eliminates the operational overhead required to get the solution up and running, easing the process for users of adopting InstallShield and better supporting cloud build environments. Software vendors using InstallShield can now choose between local and cloud managed licensing, making it easier to adapt the implementation to meet their own and their customers’ needs  in connected and disconnected environments.

Revenera Launches Software Container Delivery - Helping Software Companies Accelerate Revenue Recognition for Containerized Software

Revenera’s Software Container Delivery accelerates and automates revenue recognition for software producers by ensuring entitlement-based delivery to end customers. With more producers moving to cloud-native deployment models, there is a big market need to cover the full process - from provisioning to customer delivery - in a seamless process, making sure that software is only delivered to paying customers and revenue gets recognized in seconds.

Revenera Offers SCA Solutions and Resources to Help Users Meet Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Mandate Included in White House Executive Order

The Growth of SCA and SBOM

In the last few years, the software industry saw increased demand for software composition analysis (SCA) vendors to provide guidance not just on how to manage open source and risk, but to be able to disclose a list of components, complete with software supply chain partners. New regulations, implemented by organizations like PCI, MITRE, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), put increased ownership on organizations to:

Revenera Releases 2021 Findings on Open Source License Compliance

The report analyzes data from 2020 audit services projects, evaluating the prevalence of open source software (OSS), the under-reporting of that use, and the resulting license compliance issues and security vulnerabilities. This global, cross-industry study by Revenera’s audit services team evaluated more than 2.1 billion lines of code and uncovered 174,334 issues.

Revenera Honored as “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” in 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

Revenera’s IoT Monetization Platform empowers device companies that are moving to a software-based model grow recurring revenue, activate features on demand, reduce the need for onsite service, update software remotely, and gain product usage insights.

Flexera Agrees to Sell a Majority Interest to Thoma Bravo

Flexera, headquartered in suburban Chicago, uniquely serves companies that use technology and those that produce it. The company’s Flexera division provides IT management solutions that help enterprises maximize business value from their technology investments. The company’s Revenera division provides solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters.

Revenera Provides Engineering and Legal Teams with Insights to Manage Enterprise Open Source Usage

Recognizing that the software supply chain continues to mature and in response to the rise in required standards and regulations around the use of open source software, Revenera has added major functionality to its Revenera Code Insight product to support companies that build and sell software. “You’d think that software suppliers are aware of the open source components they use, but in audits conducted by Revenera we see that companies are only aware of less than 6% of open source components they’re using.

Revenera Monetization Monitor Highlights Benefits of Software Usage Analytics

“Well-managed collection of software usage data provides significant advantages for technology companies. Those who do it well make data-driven decisions, deliver on customer needs, stop revenue leakage and often run a more successful business overall,” said Nicole Segerer, vice president of product management & marketing at Revenera. “Many software companies still struggle to collect accurate and detailed insight into usage or are stuck with limited homegrown analyses. As budgets grow tighter and as the need for efficiency grows, software usage analytics is increasingly important.”