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Dynamic Monetization, a New Monetization Service from Revenera, Helps Software Producers Expand Revenue

The Elastic Access monetization model allows technology companies to bring adaptable approaches to monetization across a complex landscape of software and devices

Itasca, IL - June 4, 2024 Revenera, producer of leading solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time-to-value, and monetize what matters, today announced the availability of Dynamic Monetization.

Dynamic Monetization is a new cloud service that allows technology companies to introduce flexible monetization models for connected software and devices. Dynamic Monetization joins Revenera’s monetization platform alongside existing Cloud Monetization and on-premises licensing and monetization services. The monetization services complement Revenera’s Entitlement Management platform, a single, integrated back-office system that enables the management of software entitlements throughout the revenue lifecycle and ensures rapid revenue recognition.

Dynamic Monetization is built for high volume, rapid software usage processing, as needed in many monetization models today. The first supported model is Elastic Access, which provides a fresh dimension to revenue generation in an increasingly complex landscape, marked by the growth of subscription models and SaaS deployments. 

“Software companies need a way to sell credits to their customers for their flexible use of different products, to balance periods of peak usage, or to monetize high cost transactions, all based on real-time usage data. The cost of cloud and AI technologies forces suppliers to rethink their monetization models and Revenera’s Dynamic Monetization is a way to enable this transition,” said Nicole Segerer, General Manager at Revenera.  

Elastic Access reduces friction, removing barriers to adoption that can be common for small and mid-size enterprises, allowing cross-portfolio access to a range of items on an as-needed basis rather than long-term, fixed-rate subscriptions. The real-time usage insights aid quick decision-making for rapid price and packaging changes, while also ensuring that costs are optimized for customers—minimizing waste and helping producers align price with value. The ability to create detailed usage reports also help producers identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities to grow annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Elastic Access is an out-of-the-box model that is unique to Revenera’s Dynamic Monetization, empowering software producers to:

  • Sell metered tokens to customers, which can be exchanged to access any offering within the portfolio;
  • Set prices for each item (applications, features, capabilities, computations, or services) via a rate table; 
  • Make immediate pricing and packaging changes by adjusting the rate table; 
  • Provide real-time, granular usage data to ensure exact charging;
  • Allow cross-portfolio access for peak seasonal or project-based needs; 
  • Monetize costly premium features, such as AI-driven functionality on a per-use basis; and
  • Sell premium features exclusively on a pay-per-use basis. 

Software buyers gravitate toward Elastic Access, as it lowers entry barriers, allows on-demand access for occasional use or seasonal peaks, and enables wider access to a software supplier’s portfolio of solutions. Streamlined procurement also reduces the waste associated with unused licenses, ensuring capacity always meets demand. End users benefit from an improved user experience, while gaining granular usage reports that enable cost allocation to specific business units. 

“Research from IDC shows that one of the top priorities of CEOs is the ease of doing business. One way that software producers can meet this need is to provide their products through flexible monetization models that correspond with the preferences of end users,” said Mark Thomason, Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization, at IDC. “Revenera’s Dynamic Monetization service strengthens the software monetization ecosystem, streamlining the process of moving to the new monetization models that align price and value for customers.”

“Working with Revenera, Ansys has offered an elastic licensing model for the last five years that enables our customers to access our products through a single currency," said Steve Del, Director, Research and Development, at Ansys. "This approach to monetization lowers cost barriers and simplifies the adoption of simulation, allowing us to reach new customers and expand into new markets. Revenera's expertise throughout the implementation process helped ensure that Ansys customers can easily access extra licenses during peak project periods, try new software products, and gain valuable insights into their existing Ansys usage.”

On Wednesday, June 12, Steve Del will be joining Revenera’s Senior Director of Product Management, Paul Bland, and Senior Product Manager of FlexNet Licensing, Ravi Trivedi, for a webinar on the topic of “New Monetization Models: Expanding Revenue with Elastic Access.” Learn more and register to attend here:

For full product details about Revenera’s Dynamic Monetization and Elastic Access, please visit:

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