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Compliance Analytics to Detect, Identify and Convert Unpaid Software Use

Revenera Compliance Intelligence

Generate New License Revenue from Software Piracy and Overuse

Globally, 37% of users are not paying for software making it a $46.3B problem. But eighty-three percent of these unlicensed users in mature markets are legally-inclined victims of software piracy who will pay for software. Compliance Intelligence (formerly Revulytics) helps software suppliers systematically monetize the unpaid use of their applications. When software suppliers detect and identify this unpaid use, they can act on this forensic evidence to power their compliance and revenue generation strategies.

Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software without paying for it. Infringements are transformed into actionable leads for your sales and compliance team through our proprietary federated database system. Leads are delivered right to your existing CRM or a instance and flexible controls provide role-based access to authorized internal and external users.

Converting unpaid users is an untapped revenue stream. Our customers - from the largest EDA, PLM, and engineering software providers, to smaller prosumer software vendors - have generated $3.9 billion in new license revenue since 2010 using this approach.

Compliance Intelligence

Compliance Intelligence (formerly Revulytics) detects and identifies global software license compliance infringements.


Monetize the Misuse of Your Software:

  • Generate new license revenue
  • Identify unpaid use with confidence
  • Uncover and validate infringer identities
  • Enhance data with wi-fi geolocation
  • Make data you’re already collecting more actionable

Act on Verfied Misuse of Your Software:

  • Uncover infringers globally, from software pirates to license overuse and misuse
  • Infringement data is transformed into fully resolved organizational identities to accelerate qualification for sales and compliance
  • Improve the data you’re already collecting on infringing organizations such as activation, licensing entitlement, and other telemetry data. Leverage enterprise-class technology including and Tableau, integrated with your CRM, licensing, and BI processes to drive operational efficiency. Reach out and convert leads with your internal teams, or leverage our revenue services for assistance in converting pirates in countries where you may not currently have a local presence

We’re achieving all the things we set out to do. We’re realizing revenue, we’re reducing our piracy problem, and at the same time we’re maintaining strong customer relationships. We’ve never had to take legal action, and as often as not, we get a thank you for ‘bringing this information to our attention and giving us the opportunity to resolve it.

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Data-Driven License Revenue

See how Compliance Intelligence enables you to convert unlicensed users to paying customers.

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Data Optimization

  • Accelerate identification of infringers
  • Qualify compliance leads with confidence
  • Prioritize your best revenue opportunities
  • Partner with dedicated data experts

Data Enrichment

  • Bring your own telemetry data
  • Better identify and validate infringing use
  • View a centralized platform for visibility and control

In-application Messaging

  • Reach and educate unpaid users
  • Target conversion offers
  • Optimize ecommerce campaigns
  • Drive conversion by changing application behavior

Compliance Intelligence

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See how you can generate new license revenue from software piracy and overuse.