Compliance Intelligence - Data Enrichment

Better, faster, more effective revenue recovery begins with better data

Revenue recovery begins with discovery. For software vendors that are collecting data but need to enrich it to drive a more effective license compliance program or to introduce a new recovery program, Compliance Intelligence provides the solution. By improving the data you’re already collecting such as activation, licensing entitlement, and other phone home telemetry data, Data Enrichment goes well beyond automated IP address matching. Without any additional work by your engineering resources and no SDK integration required, it’s your existing data, only better.

Data Enrichment leverages our proprietary database of hundreds of millions of infringing organizations and our process to automatically match unauthorized use to the actual infringers. The data enrichment process is managed by an experienced team of license compliance data investigators. High-match rates yield highly qualified, accurate leads, and give software vendors the confidence to pursue non-compliant organizations and over-users.


  • Leverage your existing activation, licensing and phone home telemetry data
  • Identify and validate infringing use more effectively
  • Provide centralized platform for visibility and control
  • Enhance your team with dedicated license compliance data experts

Compliance Intelligence

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