Revenue Recovery Services

Identification and Recovery of Revenue Leakage – with the Experts for Software Compliance

Revenue Recovery Services turn your infringing software users into paying customers. Services range from a turnkey compliance program to highly specialized programs in specific markets, geographies or disciplines. Revenera supports you with:

  • Accurate data about revenue leakage from piracy or customer overuse of your products.
  • A highly specialized team that helps you understand the data and turn it into sales opportunities, working closely with your compliance or sales teams.
  • Services around your audit process, helping you to enforce your terms and recover lost revenue.



Collecting unpaid software revenue can be a stressful, even uncomfortable task. It requires a firm, yet tactful approach and solid understanding of user behavior and motivations. Our team and extensive partner network are highly skilled in license compliance and conversion strategies, well versed in local law and fluent in more than 12 local languages. We can manage your compliance program for you or work hand-in-hand with your internal teams.


With automated case management and compliance workflows built into or integrated into your existing CRM, you get real-time visibility into the status of individual cases as well as overall program performance. You remain informed and in control – from approving which cases are pursued, to managing who can access your compliance data.


Real-time visibility and custom reports keep you focused on company goals and KPIs. We augment your Compliance Intelligence data with your entitlement and customer data. Based on that, we help you streamline your compliance opportunity lifecycle, case management and workflow.


Our team nominates Revenue Recovery opportunities based on your individual Compliance Intelligence data. With validated evidence of noncompliance, you can target revenue leakage situation specifically instead of casting a wide net based on profiling and anecdotal evidence. Our partners can support your data-driven, professionally executed software audits.


Emerging markets present a different set of challenges. Specialized knowledge of local laws and customs is required. Our teams and our partners are experienced and well-equipped for success and have generated tens of millions of dollars of license revenue in markets like Russia and China for our customers.

Software Monetization

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