InstallShield 2022 Features and Benefits

Revenera introduces the next version of InstallShield. Venkat Ram Donga, Principal Product Manager, talks about InstallShield’s integration with Visual Studio 2022 and support for custom extensions in MSIX projects. At the end of the discussion, Venkat gives a quick demo.

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Cloud License Server with InstallShield

Get your questions answered about how to eliminate the time and effort required to set up and manage local License Servers. Easily configure your builds from the DevOps build pipeline with InstallShield’s Cloud License Server.

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“Unpacking MSIX”: Panel Discussion

Watch this roundtable discussion to learn more about how developers can retain as much code as possible as they continue to innovate and modernize applications.

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TechTalk: InstallShield “Suite” Secrets

In this TechTalk you’ll learn about Suite, a project type within InstallShield, and how it resolves the problem of installing multiple packages, learn how Windows features in Suite works, and how secure it is to send packages via an installer.

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A Developer’s Guide to MSIX: Hear from the Authors

Join the authors of the recently published “A Developer’s Guide to MSIX” for this one hour webinar, where you can discover why and what MSIX brings to the world of software development


Build Software Installations in the Cloud

Moving your on-premise build infrastructure to the cloud shouldn't be difficult. With Cloud License Server from Revenera, it's not.

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A Developer’s Guide to MSIX

MSIX represents a new, modern runtime environment intended to protect both your application and end-user systems. This one-of-a-kind book will help you retain as much code as possible while modernizing your applications for containerized packages.

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InstallAnywhere is our most powerful tool for creating professional, customized installations for multiple platforms. It provides the ultimate in technology support, configuration options, user interaction, and client/server features, simplifying even the most complicated installations. Register for a 21 day free trial of InstallAnywhere.

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Get Windows 11 Ready with a Reliable, Simple Software Installation Solution: InstallShield. With new features for 2021, it’s the most flexible, modern installation technology on the market. Try it now.


Build Your Next Software Installation in the Cloud


The global pandemic’s impact on business continues to surface in both small and big ways, including security issues, work-from-home challenges, reopening approaches, and profit losses. Because of this new normal many organizations are engaging in strategies to migrate to the cloud and more seriously consider paths to digital transformation. For…

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InstallShield 2022

Build Seamlessly in the Cloud with InstallShield Licensing Capabilities

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The Power of Flexible, Modern Software Installation


With the newest version of InstallShield Premier, you can build safely in the cloud through Revenera’s Cloud License Server—providing you with the support and flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Find out more about the 2021 InstallShield release in this webinar.