Open Source Vulnerability Management Tools

Mitigate Open Source Vulnerability Risk and Ship Secure Software

Manage Risk in the Software Supply Chain

Confidently identify security vulnerabilities in open-source and third-party components.


Most security and development teams are aware of less than 10 percent of the open source software used in their applications. Given that, they are not actively tracking and managing the security vulnerabilities that inherently comes with open source.



YOY increase in codebase security vulnerabilities


of security vulnerabilities have a high CVSS severity rating


YOY increase in binaries


With Revenera, you can scan your software for security vulnerabilities, prioritize your risks, and mitigate quickly and efficiently. Vulnerabilities are identified throughout the software development lifecycle—from development through production.

Investing in an automated Software Composition Analysis solution that monitors your open source and third-party components for security vulnerabilities allows you to ship software that is free of known issues and keeps it secure now and in the future.


  • Vulnerability alerts for new issues
  • Reduction in developer time on manual review and remediation of security issues
  • An optimized workflow with the ability to scan fast and go deep as needed
  • Support of your organization’s license and security policies helping to prioritize remediation
  • Test early and often in your SDLC
  • Delivery of a complete, accurate inventory of all open source components
  • Continuous, automated monitoring across the software supply chain
  • Seamless, frictionless user experience

When organizations use DevOps, software delivery is ungated and continuous. However, there is little point in using DevOps to produce better software faster if it is encumbered by security vulnerabilities and potential license compliance violations.

Jim Mercer Research Director, IDC



Code Insight

Empower your organization to manage open source software (OSS) and third-party components. Code Insight helps development, legal and security teams to reduce open source security risk and manage license compliance with an end-to-end system.

FlexNet Code Aware icon

Code Aware

FlexNet Code Aware sees what you can’t in your open source code — from security threats to intellectual property (IP) compliance issues. It’s a simple scan that ensures you’re safe to ship…or stops you from spreading risk.


Reduce Your Security Exposure with Continuous Review

Never miss evidence of open source use and know exactly what’s in your code. With Revenera, you get an end-to-end automated solution to manage security vulnerabilities and safeguard your open source components.

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