Generate Top Line Revenue from Software Piracy


Pirated software continues to be used at alarming rates. According to the latest BSA Global Software Survey, the commercial value of unlicensed software worldwide is an astonishing $46.3 billion. You have revenue hidden in these billions of dollars.


With compliance analytics to detect and identify infringing organizations and a data-driven approach to convert them to paying customers, software vendors are generating millions of dollars in license revenue and building long-term customer relationships with recurring revenue and expansion opportunities.


Compliance Intelligence does more than just collect piracy data. Infringement data from your products is quickly transformed into fully resolved organizational identities to accelerate the qualification and conversion of sales and compliance opportunities. Our proprietary, federated database pulls from hundreds of millions of installations to quickly match and deliver the details on infringing organizations so you can initiate outreach right away.

  • Quantify your piracy risk and revenue opportunity
  • Identify infringers and convert them into paying customers
  • Strategize the best approaches from data collection to revenue generation
  • Detect and manage software overuse by existing customers
  • Develop best practices to meet your business requirements around compliance

Stop Fishing. Start Knowing.

See how Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies, and reports on unlicensed software use to drive successful compliance programs.

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Compliance Intelligence

Compliance Intelligence helps software suppliers systematically monetize the unpaid use of their applications. It detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software without paying for it. Infringements are transformed into actionable leads for your sales and compliance team.


Compliance Intelligence

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