Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) and Updates

Make a Good First Impression

A great customer experience starts as soon as the purchase is completed. Electronic delivery of software packages or containers ensures your customers quickly and securely receive your products. Meeting customer expectations at this stage is the first step toward building customer loyalty. And because it’s entitlement-based, Software Delivery protects you by only allowing downloads to eligible customers. Customers benefit from a more straightforward experience because they will only see the products available to them.

Software Delivery gives you the fulfillment capabilities you need:

  • Delivery is closely tied into the quote-to-cash process and automatically fulfilled once the customer is entitled
  • Rapid revenue recognition is achieved by delivering to customers as soon as orders are fulfilled
  • Greater operational efficiency with reduced support expenses and the elimination of physical distribution costs
  • Complete audit trail of customer activity showing who downloaded what, and when
  • Legal protection with EULA acceptance
Software Delivery and Updates

Software Container Delivery

Revenera’s Software Container Delivery extends the benefits of Software Delivery beyond traditional packaged application files to include containerized software that is becoming increasingly important to software producer’s cloud-native and microservices initiatives. It is the only solution to address the gap between entitlement management and continuous delivery that would otherwise need to be managed in a homegrown way by the producer or require an audit of actual use. It provides a fully automated provisioning and monetization process and a single source of truth for reporting for software producers that deliver Docker container images and Helm charts to their end customers.

  • Enables producers to deliver containers based on entitlements, accelerating their path to containerized deployment of cloud and on-premises software.
  • Provides a single, fully-integrated back-office system to manage license, entitlements and software delivery, removing friction and manual, home-grown processes for software suppliers, enabling them to scale cloud-native initiatives and provide greater operational efficiency 

Software Package Delivery

Delivery of Software Packages is more than just getting a file to a user. Customers have high expectations for your product, right from the start. They want delivery to be:

  • Fast. Your customer has just purchased your product. Now they want a quick, easy process to get it.
  • Secure. Ensure your downloads are secure and available only to those entitled to it.
  • Reliable. Your delivery system has to work efficiently, regardless of frequency and file sizes.

Meeting these expectations will build customer loyalty. Providing a directed experience (where customers only see relevant downloads) and doing it efficiently will reduce support expenses and eliminate physical distribution costs.

Automated Software Updates

In today’s connected world software and device users expect to be up to date on new features and security updates. Managing software updates across a quickly growing number of users is challenging.

Revenera’s software update solution gives you centralized back office control over updates to all software and devices:

  • Prevent revenue leakage with entitlement-driven updates
  • Maintain a full track record of what’s been delivered and what is deployed.
  • Deliver on regulatory demands in industries like medical, and provide update tracking capability.

While entitlements provide an effective mechanism to control updates, there are some scenarios where updates can be distributed without restrictions. Revenera’s update solution allows you to designate which updates require entitlements and which ones don’t. This allows you to distribute some updates universally (for example, to users of a free version of your application) and others based on the use rights of the specific user or device requesting them.

If your update policies never require an entitlement check the update solution can be deployed in standalone mode, providing a simple, efficient system that makes all updates available to all users.


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