Shift-Left and Automate Compliance Checks

Minimize and mitigate your open source risk early in the DevOps lifecycle.

Improve software engineering efficiency. Minimize disruptions. Better manage your resources—both people and costs.

Shift-Left ← Early Detection ← Cost Effectiveness ← Time Saving ← Release Smooth


Software development teams face increasing pressure to release better software faster. Enter open source software. Data shows that open source makes up at least 80% of the software in every application. Open source allows developers to innovate quickly but inherently introduces license compliance and security risk. The key is identifying and fixing issues quickly—not waiting until the end of the SDLC when it becomes much more problematic and expensive to resolve.


Eliminate software development disruption. Expand your risk mitigation processes to find and mitigate license and vulnerability issues early in your development lifecycle—starting at component selection.

Are you waiting until product release to identify license compliance and security issues? That’s costing you valuable time and money. The sooner in your SDLC you identify risk, the more cost-effective it is to mitigate. Find issues early. Save on your company’s bottom line.

Cost to mitigate risk increases if identified later in the development lifecycle

Software Composition Analysis from Revenera goes beyond what other solutions provide to give you real-time accuracy and visibility into potential problems sooner rather than later.

Automated. Fast. Results-driven.


  • Continuous, automated monitoring begins early in the SDLC: Quickly scan and identify risks early and often. Ensure your software supply chain is issue free.
  • Actionable vulnerability alerts: Fast and timely notifications of any compliance and security issues discovered across the SDLC.
  • Create a trust-in-software-development culture: Establish predictability in the software engineering process to handle the unknown before problems reach your customers’ doorstep.
  • Influence component selection: Ensure components selected by developers comply with legal and security policies, preventing downstream compliance problems.
  • Dependency tracking: Get real-time compliance checks and composition errors based on disallowed licenses and security vulnerabilities while viewing manifest files.
  • Support responsible code check-in practices: Continue monitoring code during check-in to provide a deeper level of confidence and commitment to established open source policies.
  • Automated compliance checks during the Build: Take advantage of configurable compliance checks as part of the build phase.



Code Insight

Empower your organization to manage open source software (OSS) and third-party components. Code Insight helps development, legal and security teams to reduce open source security risk and manage license compliance with an end-to-end system.


Software Composition Analysis

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