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Revenera Unveils New Monetization Analytics Dashboard: Transforming Data into Strategic Insights

Revenera monetization customers can now easily track and analyze customer renewal potential, usage patterns, license and product utilization with new embedded analytics

Itasca, IL - December 12, 2023 Revenera, producer of leading solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time to value, and monetize what matters, today announced the Revenera Analytics Dashboard that provides customers of Revenera’s software monetization platform with better insights into entitlements, licenses and usage insights.

“Understanding software consumption and customer adoption is critical to any successful monetization initiative. As a leader in the space, we enable software suppliers to innovate and make future packaging and pricing decisions based on data,” said Nicole Segerer, SVP and General Manager at Revenera. “The analytics capability offers easy-to-use insights for suppliers, and notifications and alerting based on monetization and usage events.” 

Revenera has modernized its data warehouse based on Snowflake technology and a new reporting framework to deliver more out-of-the-box reports focused on customer KPIs. First reports and visualizations include: 

  • Renewals Insight: End customer renewal position based on actual consumption of entitlements 
  • End Customer Adoption: End customer entitlements vs fulfilments 
  • High Water Mark: Showing consumption of licensable features by applications over time 

“From a 2023 IDC survey, 53% of companies that have a recurring business model need better insights from usage data to understand customer value,” said Mark Thomason, Research Director for Digital Business Models and Monetization at IDC. “Companies have the data, but they don’t have the time/knowledge to turn them into insights they can easily use.” 

Revenera’s Analytics Dashboard delivers a new user interface, including navigation and controls; visualizations and data sets, conditional notifications and report sharing, all enabling insights and action based on data. The new dashboard is available to all FlexNet Operations customers. 

Software and technology companies that monetize their solutions based on Revenera also benefit from an enhanced notification mechanism that enables them to react on usage events quickly and effectively. 

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