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4 Questions To Evaluate Your Organization’s Open Source Preparedness

"The software supply chain is increasingly under attack. No matter where your company stands in the software supply chain, you must take the necessary steps to ensure the safe use of the components. In this article, Alex Rybak, director of product management, Revenera, discusses a few questions you should ask yourself to evaluate and secure your organization’s use of open source."


How To Successfully Monetize SaaS Applications: Building A Software Monetization Approach With The Future In Mind

Nicole Segerer, vice president of product management & marketing at Revenera, illustrates how software companies can ensure that strategy and tooling support current and future needs as they move toward SaaS applications.


Cloud Native Software Delivery: Closing the Gap Between Continuous Deployment & Entitlement Management

Revenera’s Scott Niemann explains how to close the significant gap that often develops between continuous deployment of applications and accurate entitlement management—particularly as software producers shift to microservices that are delivered in containerized environments.


Revenera Research Shows 70 Percent of Software Suppliers Collect Usage Data, But Only 26 Percent Believe They Do it Well

"Revenera says that simply collecting data isn’t enough. Leading companies automate the process and access to the data to get the best possible results out of their usage insights."


Software companies plan on switching to subscription models in the next 18 months in hopes for a better revenue

"More than half of the companies in the software industry are planning on moving to subscription models in the next year or so."


Businesses to move to a subscription-based model by 2023

“A study by Revenera showed that 51% of businesses use subscription or perpetual licensing. It was also stated that subscription and usage-based models will record the strongest growth in the next 18 months. Many organizations are looking to change their models in order to access new markets as well as create a recurring revenue stream.”


Revenera Monetization Monitor Research Finds That 79 Percent Of Software Suppliers Will Collect Usage Data by 2023

"Part of an annual series, this report identifies best practices for collecting and analyzing software usage data, as demonstrated by the 26 percent of respondents who report the ability to collect this very well (a number that jumps to 38 percent for suppliers using a commercial software usage analytics solution).”


Best Open Source Security Tools

"FlexNet Code Aware by Revenera can find security threats and intellectual property (IP) compliance issues in open source code. It scans Java, NuGet, and NPM packages. In addition, the company offers a full enterprise platform for open source security and license compliance, with support for all major software languages. It has more than 70 extensions, and a knowledge base with more than 14 million open source components."
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Majority of software firms will switch to subscription model by 2023

"By the time we reach 2023, more than half of companies will have moved to a subscription-based model for their software products."

53% of software companies will move to subscription models by 2023

"More than half of companies are planning to move to subscription models in the next 18 months, according to a report from Revenera, but at the same time, a one-size-fits-all approach to either monetization or deployment strategy isn’t sufficient to keep pace with varied customer needs."
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Revenera report shows SaaS and subscription are the most common, but there is still a robust mix of monetization and delivery mode

"A survey released today by Revenera finds that although software companies are moving to SaaS offerings and recurring revenue, end-user customers are not moving at the same pace. The result is a robust mix of monetization and delivery models."

Revenera Makes Monetizing Container Images Easier

"Developers currently employ the Revenera platform to monetize millions of entitlements and downloads of software. The Software Container Delivery service now extends that capability to container images to enable developers to maximize revenue opportunities."

Wind River Studio delivers transformational automation

As a Wind River Studio Marketplace ecosystem partner, Revenera supports the most recent release of Wind River Studio with software composition analysis (SCA), including a complete software bill of materials (SBOM).

Revenera Launches Software Container Delivery—Helping Software Companies Accelerate Revenue Recognition for Containerized Software

“Revenera’s Software Container Delivery accelerates and automates revenue recognition for software producers by ensuring entitlement-based delivery to end customers. With more producers moving to cloud-native deployment models, there is a big market need to cover the full process—from provisioning to customer delivery —in a seamless process, making sure that software is only delivered to paying customers and revenue gets recognized in seconds."

Cloud-based platform speeds development of far-edge cloud compute, data analytics, AI/ML software

With the latest release of Wind River Studio—a cloud native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems from devices to cloud—Wind River integrates "Software composition analysis [SCA] from Revenera to securely manage the use of open source components by providing a complete software bill of materials [SBOM] for more transparency in the software supply chain and continuous monitoring of open source license compliance and vulnerabilities, as well as supporting steps for remediation.”

Moving Beyond Fragmented Data: Three Usage Analytics Lessons for Stronger Software Products

When Solibri, which provides services and solutions for construction companies, needed insights into how users engaged with its model checking software for building information modeling (BIM), it turned to Usage Intelligence from Revenera.

Convert Software Infringers To Paying Customers: 5 Steps For A Data-Driven License Compliance Program

Meishan Piao, Director of Services at Revenera, offers actionable tips for turning software license infringers into paying customers through a data-driven license compliance program.

How Well Do You Know Your Code? Four Best Practices For Using Open Source Software

Conal Gallagher, CIO and CISO of Flexera, offers best practices for leveraging open source software. This includes the critical importance of having an accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) using an SCA tool.

Software Bill of Materials: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Supply Chain

Mark Gisi, Director of the Open Source Program Office at Wind River Systems, discusses the importance of the software bill of materials (SBOM) as part of a robust software composition analysis (SCA) initiative. He highlights how Revenera’s SCA tools have helped improve the open source vulnerability and license compliance programs at Wind River.

The 2021 SD Times 100: ‘Best in Show’ in Software Development

Revenera was honored by SD Times by being named among 2021’s best development tools.