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Grow Recurring Revenue with Cross-Portfolio Access

Software producers and IoT device manufacturers can grow their recurring revenue by helping users access a full portfolio of offerings. This cross-portfolio access is made possible through new, flexible approaches to licensing. Revenera’s Paul Bland, senior director of product management, shows how sales and marketing teams can support such a shift—and how agile licensing can help meet revenue goals.


Monetizing the Data Delivered by IoT Medical Devices

Usage data, captured through the licensing process for IoT medical devices and the software running on them, can be analyzed to help grow revenue and drive innovation in the healthcare field. Victor DeMarines, vice president of software monetization product management at Revenera, evaluates the data protection mandates (from the FDA and HIPAA), explains why a shift to automated processes for updating devices is increasingly crucial, and details the resulting monetization benefits available to manufacturers.


Managing Software Entitlements and Billing: How Usage Data Supports Streamlined Processes

Effective data management for software entitlements and billing can help software suppliers and their customers avoid the waste that’s often associated with siloed initiatives. Victor DeMarines, vice president of software monetization product management at Revenera, evaluates the importance of aligning software entitlement and software billing systems with the same usage data. 


You Received an SBOM. Now What?

Software buyers who receive a software bill of materials from technology providers should know how to make the most of it. Revenera’s Alex Rybak, who heads up Revenera's Open Source Program Office (OSPO) and is a member of the internal cybersecurity and incident response teams for both Revenera and Flexera, details best practices for using an SBOM.


Successful Software Monetization Requires a Customer-Centric Approach

Optimizing the monetization of software products requires a clear understanding of how customers view and use a product. Sheela Bilderback, a project manager at Revenera, details what technology companies and their product managers should evaluate in order to support the customer journey and minimize customer churn. She addresses how to evaluate the customers’ POV, how to streamline subscriptions, the role of effective communication, and how to integrate customer feedback. 


The Role of XBOMs in Supporting Cybersecurity

Bills of materials (BOMs) are increasingly necessary in various areas of technology production. XBOMs—representing either a specific focus area or an expanded software bill of materials (SBOM)—play an important role in protecting tech stacks. Revenera’s Venkat Ram Donga, director of product management, explains XBOMs and how they support cybersecurity initiatives.


Software Composition Analysis (SCA): Everything You Need to Know in 2024

"From full software packages to code snippets, Revenera’s software composition analysis products scan your source code, binaries, and dependencies for software vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. Additionally, it integrates with common build tools and provides one of the largest open-source knowledge bases in the industry, with more than 14 million components. Their audit teams also support baseline audits and due diligence events like mergers and acquisitions."


Revenera launches monetisation analytics dashboard

“Revenera has unveiled the Revenera Analytics Dashboard, which will provide customers of Revenera’s software monetisation platform with better insights into entitlements, licenses and usage insights. Revenera monetisation customers can now track and analyse customer renewal potential, usage patterns, license and product utilisation with new embedded analytics."


Revenera Announces Revenera Analytics Dashboard

“Revenera announced the Revenera Analytics Dashboard, which will provide customers of Revenera’s software monetization platform with better insights into entitlements, licenses, and usage insights. Revenera monetization customers can now track and analyze customer renewal potential, usage patterns, license, and product utilization with new embedded analytics."


Who Is Responsible For Cybersecurity? You.

“'Security' and ‘cybersecurity' aren’t in the job titles of many executives. But rest assured that a chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief technology officer, general manager, chief product and marketing officer, general counsel—along with their peers and staff—certainly have a vested interest in prioritizing security,” writes Conal Gallagher, Flexera and Revenera CIO/CISO, addressing developments from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


IoT Evolution World Announces Winners of the 2023 IoT Platforms Leadership Awards

The Revenera IoT Monetization Platform received a 2023 IoT Platforms Leadership Award, which honors organizations delivering software or hardware solutions which enable the advancement of the smart home and building industry.


Revenera Report Reveals Growing Reliance on Hybrid Software Deployment and Monetization Models

"Revenera released the Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Monetization Models and Strategies 2023 report. This report is part of an annual series in its fifth year. It provides product executives at software, intelligent device, and IoT companies with benchmarks about digital business models and trends related to hybrid approaches to monetization and deployment models.”


Update NOW: OpenSSL 1.1.1’s Shelf-Life Has Ended

Revenera’s Alex Rybak addresses the steps required for secure management of open source software when a particular program has reached end-of-life/end-of-support (EOL/EOS).


Delivering flexible software use rights with elastic access

Elastic licensing is a software monetization model that provides licensing-as-a-service (LaaS), combining subscription-based access to a set number of entitlements alongside the ability to expand capacity when needed, ensuring supply always meets demand. Revenera’s Ravi Trivedi discusses how this approach can optimize the needs of customers and suppliers alike.


The Organization-wide Value of SBOMs

Revenera's Alex Rybak explains why an organization-wide understanding of and use of SBOMs is essential and why cooperation across product management, product development, and security teams is paramount. 


Four Best Practices For Aligning The Work Of Security And Engineering Teams

Today, cybersecurity initiatives face powerful and potentially disruptive forces. Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and large language models (like ChatGPT) are top of mind. Some of these technologies may be used to attack software, with the goal of determining where vulnerabilities exist. Yet these technologies may also be part of the solution, making all security professionals reassess application security. Flexera and Revenera CIO/CISO Conal Gallagher explores best practices.


Monetizing intelligent devices: Best practices for growing recurring software revenue

With the embrace of IoT and intelligent devices comes the need to change approaches to monetizing those devices. Capturing the potential recurring revenue for the software associated with those devices requires appropriate new business models that support device manufacturers, software suppliers, and users. Victor DeMarines, Revenera’s vice president of software monetization product management, provides 5 action items for boosting business through recurring software revenue.


Keeping Up with Trends in Software Supply Chain Management

Securing the software supply chain requires understanding the rapidly-evolving developments in supply chain management. Alex Rybak, senior director of product management at Revenera, details how software suppliers can keep up.


How are enterprise customers using your software?

Entitlement management helps software product managers deliver value to their customers. Revenera’s Victor DeMarines details how entitlement management supports data-driven decisions,  illustrates who is using software and in what capacity, and helps drive effective product management.


5 Tips for Creating an SBOM

Creating and managing a software bill of materials (SBOM) can be a straightforward process, even in today’s increasingly complex computing environments and in light of the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Alex Rybak,   senior director of product management at Revenera, details how.