Technical Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Professional Audit Services to Minimize Risks and Accelerate Decision-making

The emphasis during an M&A audit project is on findings that can impact the go/no-go decision and intellectual property (IP) valuation process, while keeping remediation costs at a minimum. Revenera M&A Audit Services are designed to help you fulfill your M&A objectives.

Revenera focuses on a six-step methodology to expertly help you through the M&A due diligence process.




During an M&A Audit Services engagement with Revenera, both standard and custom reporting are provided based on the needs of the IP audit team. The types of standard reports include:

  • Risk Profile Report - Provides quantification of how much unique code was identified, inventories all code and licenses, and highlights IP risks. This report is critical when deciding to pursue an acquisition.
  • Due Diligence Forensic Report – Includes the IP pedigree of third-party code and licenses and compares third-party inventory to your existing IP policies. This report gives your team actionable remediation steps.
  • Remediation Assessment Report – Risk advisory data for key redevelopment areas of third-party commercial and open source code and licenses in question. Includes a final inventory of all third-party code and licenses inside the code.


Since time and communication are critical during M&A efforts, our methodology is highly responsive, delivering what you need when you need it:

  • Audit services engagements start immediately when contact is established.
  • Our expert auditors create interim reports as needed for proactive decision-making during negotiations.
  • Scope of audits are tailored to your timetable, with initial results focusing on IP issues that pose the greatest remediation challenge.
  • Standard and custom reports are provided as needed by the IP audit team and can be expanded to a deep forensic level.



Open Source Software Audit Services

Open Source Software Audit Services from Revenera help your business and legal teams mitigate legal exposure by discovering unknown open source software and third-party code.


Why Open Source Audits are a Must, Not a Maybe

Learn why open source audits are necessary and best practices for open source software (oss) usage and technical due diligence.

White Paper

Managing Your Intellectual Property Integrity During Merger and Acquisition Transactions

This white paper offers an overview of Revenera’s best practices and methodology for the technical due diligence auditing process.


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