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Image: Successful Pricing Strategies for SaaS Licensing

It’s no secret that, in the new subscription economy, software suppliers who want to be successful must rethink they way they price and package their products. Those who have concentrated their efforts on finding new strategies are succeeding. At the root of their success, they’ve discovered ways to align pricing and packaging with the business value they deliver to customers.

“The transition from on-premises to cloud is forcing software companies to redesign their pricing models. The main goal hasn’t changed: Software vendors still want to maximize the value of each sale without pricing themselves out of deals or leaving money on the table… However, the move to rented, hosted products has changed software buyers’ perception of ‘value-based’ and ‘fair.’”  –  Pricing Strategies For Software-As-A-Service, Forrester Report 2017

Forrester research points out that existing customers are refusing to renew contracts that cost more than they deliver or even cancel contracts midterm.  The report speaks to software suppliers or SaaS companies who are seeking innovative methods to help them not only win new business but also maximize renewals. It discusses in detail how good pricing strategies are able to balance simplicity with business value. This report will help you :

  • Rethink how to price and package functionality into modules.
  • Understand how to best analyze business cases to identify your value drivers.
  • Learn how to ensure customers are getting the business value they expect while avoiding outcome-based pricing.