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Image: Software Analytics in Action – Why Aren’t More Trial Users Converting to Paying Customers?

The good news for marketing and sales is that people are downloading trial versions of your software in droves. The bad news is that only a small percentage of trial users are converting to paying customers. In many cases, software vendors know how many users download their trials, but lose insight once the trial software is installed. In one such case, a PDF software company was baffled by how few trial users were converting — especially given all the innovative new features included in its latest product version.

Why aren’t more of my trial users converting to paying customers?

Seeking data-driven answers, product management ran a detailed conversion analysis study using its software usage analytics tool to better understand user behavior in the critical days after trial download.

A conversion analysis study showed that nearly 1,250 users were getting stuck and dumping the evaluation software within just one hour of installing it. By improving the usability of the configuration wizard, the company significantly increased its trial conversion rate, as users spent more time engaging with the software and discovering its capabilities during the trial period.

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