User Flow reporting visualizes the different paths users take through tagged events within your application. Understand the true behavior and methods of interaction with different features and functionality as well as discover potential roadblocks or points of drop off that occur.

Understanding how users are executing different functions in a software application can be difficult since behavior patterns will vary from user to user. User Flow aggregates the most common paths users take, allowing analysis on whether improvements can be made to help them accomplish different actions within your product. Groups of users with different attributes may (or may not) exhibit very different paths. Analyze groups separately to ensure the experience your product team optimizes for is well received by all segments. Utilize the system events of “Session Start” and “Session End” to see what the first events users triggered when beginning your application and the last interactions they had leading up to their closing of the application respectively. This data can help determine if the customer experience is an ideal one or may have room for improvement.

Example user flow analysis report from Revenera's user flow diagram tool.


  • Suggest improvements for UI/UX usability with data
  • Find opportunities to increase feature adoption and usage
  • Analyze patterns by user segments
  • Identify first and last user interactions
  • Drill down into specific paths user take
  • Highlight broken or unexpected user flows

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