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Deep insight into product usage to build better software and drive adoption

Event-based analytics enables anonymous tracking and reporting on software usage. Tagging events is fast and easy, and you can start collecting data with a simple SDK integration. Identify the most popular features in your software and make data-driven decisions to focus development efforts.

Charting event usage over time can uncover general usage trends or spotlight significant changes (positive or negative) in overall user behavior. Understand the relative popularity for each event you have tagged by seeing cumulative usage and average usage, per user, session or runtime hour. Gain and share insight immediately relevant to sales and marketing, development, and product management teams with dashboards and reports.

Usage Intelligence has powerful drill-down reporting on every tagged event, so you fully understand on a feature-by-feature level how your install base gets value from your software. Generate event usage frequency reports for user segments matching specific profiles and analyze what contributes most to driving the usage of any feature in your application. Extrapolate your findings to make global product decisions or continue to make optimizations to keep high value user segments happy as well.

Sometimes it isn't enough just to know when a feature or event is triggered. You can get a deeper view by collecting and storing custom values associated with that event in Usage Intelligence. All of the user and environment properties are captured when custom event data is stored, enabling you to get granular results when you need them.

Example feature usage tracking report.


  • Visualize feature usage to see trends and changes
  • Analyze user cohorts to identify usage patterns
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Identify which features remain undiscovered
  • Uncover underused features to be improved or removed
  • Visualize usage by individual feature or category
  • Collect custom properties about users and environments that trigger events


Usage Intelligence

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