Product and User Metrics

Understand the users and environments executing your application to prioritize and optimize your product efforts

Usage Intelligence tracks software usage and delivers metrics through dynamic dashboards with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting. Track which version of your software users are running to prioritize development paths. Whether planning upgrade strategies, allocating support resource, or determining how many users are impacted by a particular bug. Understand operating system adoption and analyze the distribution of users by the language settings of their OS, by platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and those running applications in 64 versus 32 bit environments to ensure the best customer experience. Report on users’ hardware environment metrics instantly from all active product instances globally. Optimize software builds to match real-world, present-state hardware architecture to ensure the highest application performance. Use geographic reporting, to compare adoption rates across regions. Drill down to different geographies, and filter by any property to see trends by region, country or state.

A product metrics dashboard showcasing installation activity.


  • Optimize product roadmaps for popular configurations to build software that works for the greatest number of users
  • Collect product insights on new, lost or active users
  • Know instantly how many users are running each software version
  • Prioritize support activity and evaluate opportunities to sunset low-use editions
  • Design based on actual user display resolutions and touchscreen displays
  • Optimize for user hardware memory specs, CPU type and number of CPU cores
  • Understand the virtual environments running your software

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