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Image: Software Analytics in Action – What Impact Will Increasing Minimum Display Resolution Requirements Have on Customers?

While there are (usually) always good reasons for making changes to your product’s user interface, the challenge is to determine how those changes will impact your customers before you implement them. When developing a new user interface for its photo editing application, one of our customers needed to understand the impact of increasing its minimum resolution requirements from 1024px to1920px.

The UI team believed this increase was critical to provide a better-looking UI that would drive competitive advantage, but the engineers were concerned that there were too many existing customers whose hardware did not meet this minimum requirement, which would lead to dissatisfaction, or even worse, churn.

What impact will increasing minimum display resolution requirements have on my customers?

The product management team decided to settle the debate by backing up gut feelings with actual facts using their software usage analytics tool. Based on data provided in hardware architecture reports, product management made the strategic decision to increase its minimum resolution requirements, thereby providing a better user experience for 95% of its customer base.

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