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Image: Revenera Software Container Delivery Helps Accelerate Revenue Recognition for Containerized Software

We’re excited to announce the availability of Software Container Delivery today. It’s the first solution to deeply integrate the delivery of software containers with entitlement management, providing a fully automated provisioning and monetization process and a single source of truth for reporting for software producers that deliver Docker containers and Helm charts to their end customers.

According to IDC’s FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2020 Predictions, “by 2023, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches.”

With more producers moving to containerized deployments for their end customers to deploy in the Cloud or locally, there is a big market need to cover the full process – from provisioning to customer delivery – in a seamless process, making sure that software is only delivered to paying customers and revenue gets recognized in seconds. Software Container Delivery accelerates and automates revenue recognition for software producers by ensuring entitlement-based delivery to end customers.

It’s More Than Continuous Delivery

While the underlying technology decisions around containerization require significant thought and planning, software producers focused on monetization must also address business and process questions such as:

  • What is the revenue recognition process between order and delivery and how fast is it?
  • Are only subscribers receiving software and updates?
  • How many manual steps are needed between the build process and the delivery to customers?
  • What about export controls?
  • What if the end customer devices are not online?

“The use of containers is growing at a brisk 62% over the 2018-2023 time-frame, with the highest growth in data management and business applications,” said Mark Thomason, Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization, IDC. “Software vendors planning to evolve their deployment model should consider Revenera’s software monetization solution which now supports containers to centralize entitlement and deployment operations across your legacy to cloud-native deployment models.”

Streamlining Software Delivery for Containerized Deployments

The new functionality extends Revenera’s Software Monetization platform, an industry standard for licensing and entitlement management, managing tens of millions of entitlements and hundreds of millions of software downloads for the world’s biggest software suppliers. The entitlement-driven delivery of software and containers to end customers makes sure that they automatically receive what they purchased in a seamless process, increasing end customer success and eliminating a risk for revenue leakage.

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Isn’t Everyone Moving to SaaS? No.

There is a big push in the industry to aggressively move to SaaS models. SaaS applications are managed and deployed by the producer. However, many use cases – based on application type, industry and end customer requirements – require delivery and deployment to be done by the end customer, including:

  • Software offerings managed by end customers in private cloud deployments
  • Software deployed in offline/air-gapped environments
  • Software running on local devices/machines, that require local deployment
  • Supply chain automation: delivery of software containers to internal teams and partners

Revenera’s Software Container Delivery:

  • Accelerates timely, accurate revenue recognition and avoids revenue leakage, through entitlement-driven functionality that automates software delivery only to paying customers and by providing a complete audit trail of customer activity.
  • Enables producers to deliver containers based on entitlements, accelerating their path to cloud-native products
  • Provides a single, fully-integrated back-office system to manage license, entitlements and software delivery, removing friction and manual, home-grown processes for software suppliers, enabling them to scale and to provide greater operational efficiency with reduced support expenses and the elimination of physical distribution costs.

“As containerization grows, so does the gap between entitlement management and continuous delivery. Too often, addressing this requires homegrown solutions that nullify many of the benefits of this software delivery method,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Products and Marketing at Revenera. “By streamlining software delivery for containerized deployments, Revenera helps software suppliers scale with the need of their end customers, eliminating friction, manual steps and risks for revenue recognition in the continuous delivery and deployment cycle.”

Questions about Software Container Delivery? Contact us today and learn more.