Everything You Need to Know About Software Licensing

What comes to mind when you think about software licensing?  If you see licensing only as a basic tool to control the use of your software, you may be missing out.

Today, many software and IoT companies utilize multiple monetization models to support products and services across various markets.  Modern software licensing solutions can efficiently manage these complex environments, allowing you to control compliance, support multiple deployment options, and even create feature bundles – all to match your market requirements.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Software licensing is what allows you to balance IP protection with your desired customer experience.  Licensing technology allows you set a range of compliance levels, from strict enforcement to a customer-friendly trust-but-verify.  Or maybe you want to vary compliance based on where your software is running – on premise, on a device, in the Cloud or as a SaaS solution.  Regardless of which method you use, effective compliance helps you stop revenue leakage, enabling you to grow your top line.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of software licensing is the ability to create feature bundles.  This allows you to leverage a common code base to quickly create multiple packaging options to address the needs of various markets, accelerating time-to-market and simplifying your engineering process.

Want to know more?

Join Flexera’s Mark Shinn and Dan Johnson to learn about which licensing technologies are best for your deployment model – from the edge to the cloud – using software SDKs or REST API frameworks.  There’s more to software licensing than you may think!




Wednesday July 31st, 11:00am CT (US)

Tuesday, August 6th, 11:30am CET (UK)

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