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Image: Pursuing Software Piracy Claims in China

When debating how to stop software piracy, there are many misconceptions about intellectual property protections in China, the processes for seeking redress, and the likelihood of success. My colleague Vic DeMarines, VP, Product Management for Software Monetization, and I recently welcomed Chris Bailey, a Principal at Rouse, and Landy Jiang, a Partner at Lusheng, (Rouse’s network law firm in China) for a video podcast discussion about pursuing software piracy claims in China.

The goal of any modern software license compliance program is to convert infringers into paying customers who will benefit from a long-term relationship with the software supplier. Rouse focuses exclusively on IP (including litigation and enforcement) and Chris and Landy are co-authors on its research report, Software Copyright Litigation in China: How Have Foreign Companies Fared in Chinese Courts? so our conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • The use of software telemetry data in China and the impact of China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL),
  • Statistics on software piracy litigation (the win rate for foreign plaintiffs is 85.3%),
  • The role of evidence preservation orders and the lack of a discovery process in China, and
  • Guidance for achieving effective settlements

Watch our discussion and let us know what you think in the comments section.