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Image: Most Pirated Software Types of 2014

After digging into our 2014 piracy data, we’re kicking off the year with a discussion of the popularity of different types of the most pirated software. Taking a look at our list below, we see that the order seems to follow the needs of the user.

  1. Operating System
  2. Security Software
  3. IT Tool
  4. Image Editor
  5. Download Manager
  6. Video Editor
  7. Disc Burner
  8. Productivity Software
  9. CAD Software
  10. Virtualization Software

First up on the list we see the Operating System, a requirement for any computer. This is followed closely by Security Software, IT Tools, and Download Managers. Those categories are essential tools for the maintenance and general use of a computer so it makes sense that they would be at the top of our list. Often times these types of software come bundled with the purchase of a computer, and as such the consumer is not accustomed to paying for it. This leads to a higher likelihood of the user pirating the software when new versions are released.

Further down the list we get into the software that is used to create things. Image Editors, Video Editors, and Productivity software. These are types of software that everyone uses very often, and with higher demand comes a higher rate of piracy. Students are especially likely to be torrenting this software as it’s often required to complete their coursework.


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Down at the bottom of the list we see things like CAD Software and Virtualization Software. These are tools that require much more technical understanding and training to use. They’re also products that tend to be much more expensive, and as such are more likely to be pirated even though they may have a smaller pool of users in comparison to general computing software.

This is only a small subset of the categories that we have seen in this past year. Some of the runner-ups include Music Production Software, Recording software and assorted Media players. These are all products that are not as widely used, and as such rarely get swarm sizes large enough to be seen in our lists.

Beyond these we also see numerous releases that relate to the piracy industry. Software that aids in the downloading of pirated software, and even pieces of software that allow the cracking of numerous products all through one easy-to-use interface. Such releases are very common in the world of torrents and help to make pirating more software easier.

Overall our findings indicate that users tend to pirate their most used (and required) software first, followed by the high cost products second, and lastly with tools that aid them to pirate. This provides interesting insight into the motivations of the users that abuse torrents to pirate software. We look forward to providing more insight and can’t wait to see what type of trends the new year brings!