Microsoft App-V: What Software Developers Need to Know

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With the increased adoption of Microsoft App-V by corporate and government organizations, the software installation development landscape is changing. This shift reminds many developers and industry analysts of what happened with Windows Installer (MSI) years ago.

Prior to Windows Installer, developers built installs as stand-alone script-based executables. Windows Installer was released as a more reliable alternative, and companies began adopting it in order to achieve more predictable and consistent software deployments. This change from script-based installs to MSI installs required software companies around the world to rewrite their installation setups and instead deliver MSI packages to their user base.

Today, a similar shift has been occurring with App-V. Just like MSI, as more and more companies are adopting App-V for its cost-reducing and time-saving benefits, it is driving software companies to provide their applications to companies as both App-V and traditional MSI packages.

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