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How do you select the right Java virtual machine (JVM) to run an InstallAnywhere installer, or any InstallAnywhere-installed Java application? That depends largely upon the settings in your InstallAnywhere project and the Java executables available on the end-user’s system.

The core of JVM selection is performed by InstallAnywhere’s LaunchAnywhere technology. Its launchers can perform their own VM searches each time they run. It is also possible to:

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  • Bundle a VM with the installer to be used by the installer and, optionally, to be used by the launchers your installer deploys. (See “Bundling a VM with Your Installer” and “Customizing Individual Launcher Settings” in this Tips & Tricks article.)
  • Employ the results of the installer’s VM search. The installer’s VM search is a customizable scan of the end users system. The results of this search can then be used to configure the launchers the installer deploys.
  • Include a Choose Java VM panel that allows the end user to choose the bundled VM, choose local VMs that match the installer’s VM search, start a VM search in a non-standard directory, or browse for a local Java executable.

Get an in-depth look at these options by downloading our detailed Tips & Tricks article, Understanding Java Virtual Machine Selection in InstallAnywhere.

Do you have JVM selection tips you’d like to share? Let us know.


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