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Authored by three InstallShield software engineers, a new white paper "Managing the Life Cycle of a Suite/Advanced UI Installation" is a must-read that helps in planning a new version of a Suite/Advanced UI installation that may—for example—introduce a new package, upgrade a package, remove a package, replace two packages with a new updated version, or any combination of these scenarios and more.

Read the introduction below and then click on the link to be taken directly to the white paper to read in its entirety.

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The life cycle of a single package—perhaps a Windows Installer package or an InstallScript installation—consists of well-understood phases: first-time installation of a product, maintenance of the product, upgrades to the product, and product removal. In scenarios in which one package replaces another package, the level of complexity increases. A Suite installation further increases this complexity, since each package in the Suite may reach various phases at different stages during the life of the Suite. For example, a new version of a Suite installation may introduce a new package, upgrade a second package, and remove a third; it may also replace two packages with a new updated version. And on some target systems, all of those packages may behave as a first-time installation. Although the level of complexity increases with some of these Suite scenarios, the flexibility that is available makes the Suite project type a powerful choice for addressing various scenarios of modern installations. Accounting for each of the supported scenarios requires careful planning.

This white paper presents background information that explains how the Suite engine determines the state of each target system as well as the phase that should be used to run a Suite installation. This white paper also highlights how to plan and manage a Suite installation that successfully addresses each required phase in its life cycle.

Read the full white paper: Managing the Life Cycle of a Suite/Advanced UI Installation

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