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Let’s face it. Everything we do in business focuses on delivering the most complete customer experience possible. For software companies competing in today’s business environment, that’s being challenged. They are under pressure to do more with less while accelerating time to market.

Solutions that cater to their ability to meet customer needs and do it faster than their competitors are surely at the top of the “must have” list.

Today is a good day for those companies as Flexera introduces the launch of InstallShield 2020. The new release of the market-leading Windows Installer software fully supports Microsoft’s packaging format, MSIX, and specifically adds functionality that makes the creation, conversion and modification of MSIX packages extremely easy for software suppliers, helping them take their products to market quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft’s MSIX enables cleaner installations and uninstalls by running applications in their own containers.

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Create native MSIX packages, build clean installs, and build installations in the cloud with InstallShield from Revenera.

InstallShield helps developers build and convert MSIX packages in a matter of seconds. The new release adds even more ease of use. For example, developers can now build modification packages for any given MSIX package or leverage the support for MSIX Core to create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for different Windows platforms. In addition, InstallShield 2020 adds the ability to build pure 64bit launchers for MSI and Suite installers and supports CloudHSM certificates for digital signing in AWS build environments.

InstallShield 2020 delivers an excellent installation experience for users and with the addition of more MSIX support and ease of use, independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises can build installers quickly, easily and without failure.

Innovation, improved flexibility, and better efficiency…all leading to an increase in value-producing productivity. The result? Faster time to market.

Learn more about InstallShield 2020.