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Image: Implications of an Internal OSS Audit

At the upcoming June 6th Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) chapter luncheon in Santa Clara, California, OSS experts will gather to discuss the importance of conducting OSS code audits. While we know the benefits of using open source software—cost, flexibility, and ease of use, to name a few—the legalities and potential vulnerabilities pose risks that organizations need to plan for. This means being proactive in their approach to OSS management.

Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management at Flexera, and Bruce Carpenter, VP Internal Audit at NVIDIA Corporation, will discuss how to conduct an audit and manage risks. Additionally, Jeff and Bruce will:

  • Define the risks associated with the use of OSS
  • Consider the reporting obligations that come with using open source
  • Look at how OSS can create security vulnerabilities in our applications
  • Walk through the steps to conducting an audit of the use of OSS

Learn more about The IIA and why adopting best practice OSS management is becoming more of priority as the use of open source continues to grow. It might also be a good idea to benchmark and assess the maturity of your current Software Composition Analysis capabilities and learn how to develop a framework for managing governance and risk.