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Image: Flexera Software Wins IoT Global Awards: Securing IoT – Product of the Year

IoT Global Awards announced yesterday that Flexera won the Securing IoT – Product of the Year awards! IoT Global Awards recognize excellence in IoT innovation. The mission is to discover the very best company, product and individual talents in the IoT industry. IoT Global Awards bring together a panel of judges from across the value chain and some of the best known corporations in the sector to help find the most innovative solutions.Flexera was recognized for Securing IoT – Product of the Year. In this category, judges were looking for “the product or service that will do most to enhance the security of current or future IoT applications, and which will advance the cause of the Internet of Things (IoT)”. We are honored that IoT Global awards recognize Flexera’s excellence and market leadership in IoT Security.Flexera serves thousands of customers with millions of devices, and enables billions of IoT revenue monetized through its IoT Monetization platform. It enables application and device security and software vulnerability management at all stages of a product lifecycle:

  • Development: Manage open source and 3rd party components; implement tamper resistance to prevent hacking and piracy
  • Delivery & Deployment: Ensure only eligible customers can use software/devices; enable secure activation to prevent grey market abuse
  • Management of Security Threats: Detect tampering & react, detect cloning and report and find vulnerabilities
  • Update: Send software and firmware updates to applications and devices