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Custom Reporting and Analysis

Get answers to your most complex questions to make data-driven decisions

Data that’s hidden or inaccessible is not actionable. Custom reporting and analysis reports in Usage Intelligence surfaces specific usage analytics, segmentation information, and custom event data to answer any question. This enables streamlined, metric-driven decisions. Use Custom Report Builder to quickly build ad hoc reports on standard or custom properties, with the data segmentation and filtering you need in a custom dashboard. To fully evaluate how changes to your product are impacting end users you need to identify usage variations. Custom Timeline reporting lets you see how usage of any event has varied over any time period. Pull timely information in easy-to-distribute formats for in-the-moment gut checks, weekly statuses, quarterly sales statements and more. There’s almost no limit to the ways you can segment your data and create custom reports.

Our web reporting API allows you to export or merge data with third party applications to give you a 360-degree view of product and marketing performance. You can perform data integration through customizable dashboards, or receive robust reports as needed. It supports integration with third party systems like your CRM or Business Intelligence platform, through web reporting APIs or embedded HTML widgets. And when you need to perform advanced mining, you can download full data exports for CSV or JSON.


  • Build custom ad hoc reporting off real-time data 
  • Leverage advanced regex filters and segmentation
  • Integrate data with your CRM platform
  • Easily access the Usage Intelligence API via HTTPS using either POST or GET requests



Usage Intelligence

Software usage analytics gives you powerful insight to build better products, convert trial users, and retain customers.

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Usage Intelligence

Software vendors and enterprise application development organizations use Usage Intelligence to understand feature adoption and end user engagement to drive decisions about product development, roadmaps, and packaging and pricing models

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5 Quick Wins to Get Started with Software Usage Analytics

Game-changing insights that reduce assumptions about your users’ behavior and bring knowledge into your decision making processes.

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