What is an Installation Wizard?

An Installation Wizard is InstallShield's visual experience of installing a software in a guided fashion application or program. There are several elements of the installation wizard which is crucial to a successful installation of your software.

Key Elements of an Installation Wizard

  • Setup: The initial stage of the installation process where the installation wizard prepares the system for installing the software.
  • Welcome Screen: The first screen displayed by the installation wizard, which provides an introduction and basic information about the software being installed.
  • End User License Agreement (EULA): A legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions under which the software is being licensed to the user. Users are typically required to accept the terms before proceeding with the installation.
  • Destination Folder: The location on the computer's hard drive where the software will be installed. The installation wizard allows users to choose the directory or folder for the installation.
  • Components/Features Selection: A step in the installation process that allows users to customize the installation by selecting specific components or features of the software they want to install. This may include language packs, plugins, or additional modules.
  • Installation Type: The method by which the software is installed, which may include options such as "Typical," "Complete," or "Custom." Typical installation installs the software with default settings, while Custom installation allows users to choose specific preferences.
  • Progress Bar: A visual representation that shows the progress of the installation process, indicating the percentage completed or the remaining time.
  • Pre-Installation Check: A verification process conducted by the installation wizard to ensure that the system meets the minimum requirements for installing the software, such as available disk space, system compatibility, and installed dependencies.
  • Shortcut Creation: An option provided by the installation wizard to create desktop shortcuts or menu entries for easy access to the installed software.
  • Finish/Complete: The final step of the installation process, where users are informed that the software has been successfully installed. They may be prompted to launch the software or exit the installation wizard.
  • Uninstall: A feature sometimes included in the installation wizard that allows users to remove or uninstall the software from their system. This ensures a clean removal of the software and its associated files.

While these terms may vary slightly depending on the specific installation wizard and software being installed, these general definitions should provide a good starting point for understanding the key concepts.

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