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Questions from the recent What’s New in InstallShield 2015 webinar reflected the upcoming Microsoft updates to Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 and the new SHA-256 certificate requirements. Here, we’re presenting the top webinar questions and answers as well as sharing resource links to help you stay seamlessly productive when you use InstallShield 2015.

  1. When will InstallShield for Visual Studio 2015 will become available?
    InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition for Visual Studio will be available shortly after Microsoft’s release of Visual Studio 2015.
  2. I am currently using an evaluation version of InstallShield 2015 Professional Edition. I see a CA type regarding a wrapper MSI DLL to set properties and it mentions running a WiseScript.exe. Is this capability only available in the Premier edition, or can I find it in the Professional edition?
    The evaluations are true representations of the editions. The features you see available in the Professional evaluation are also available in the licensed version. You will only see Premier features available within the Premier evaluation.
  3. Is it possible to send custom parameters to PowerShell Custom Actions?
    Although you cannot directly send custom parameters to the custom action within a parameters “field,” as it is now possible to get and set properties within PowerShell, you can retrieve custom parameters from properties.
  4. Will SHA-256 support will be in InstallShield 2015 or InstallShield 2016? Will we need to obtain new digital certificates?
    InstallShield 2015 will support the SHA-256 certificates. Yes, you will need new digital certificates. Please contact your certificate vendor for more information.
  5. Can you setup Firewall Exceptions for a file installed on the client’s computer?
    Although there is nothing native to support setting a firewall exception at install time, it can be done using a custom action as part of your installation. Microsoft has documentation on doing so with InstallScript as well as Windows Installer.
  6. How is InstallShield going to support AppX install packages?
    InstallShield supports side-loading AppX packages already in Suite/Advanced UI projects, and we are actively watching Project Centennial.
  7. Will InstallShield 2015 import projects in previous versions of Installshield (i.e., 2012, 2013, 2014)?
    Yes, InstallShield 2015 is backwards compatible. Upon opening an older version project, you will be prompted to migrate the project up. A backup will be created in the original version, and a new copy will be migrated to 2015. The migrated version cannot be used with older versions or builders.
  8. In InstallShield 2015, are there specific changes in the way we build Windows 10 installers?
    Windows 10 installers are made in the same way as previous versions of Windows. Windows Installer still powers MSI installations.
  9. Is there native support for IIS 7.x+ where IIS 6 Compatibility is not required?
    With the exception of configuring web service extensions, IIS 6 compatibility has not been required for several releases.
  10. Where can we find the Release Notes?
    On the Documentation Center at, you can find the Release Notes for InstallShield 2015 Express, InstallShield 2015 Professional and InstallShield 2015 Premier.
  11. Windows 10 introduces a Package Manager called OneGet. Are there plans to support it in InstallShield?
    OneGet will allow PowerShell based packaged management integrating with the Windows Store. As soon as the APIs become available, we will investigate useful ways to incorporate them within InstallShield. As always, if you have an idea for an enhancement we would love to hear it! Please visit our Ideas page to submit, view and vote on enhancements.
  12. With the new registry view that shows the Wow6432Node, does it functionally change anything? If the installer is built as a 32-bit installer, but the application components are built as “AnyCPU” type, how does this change in the way we define keys to be created under the Wow6432node if the application is installed on the 64-bit system vs. creating the keys under the normal view for a 32-bit system? 
    This is a design-time change, allowing you to easily include 64-bit registry keys from your development machine’s registry. It does not change run-time behavior.
  13. Is there support for Subversion and Git source control?
    Currently, Team Foundation Server can be used for source control directly through the IDE. However, with your project file saved in a binary format you are free to use any source control system. Management of the files will need to be handled in an independent tool.

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