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In our continued support for MSIX, we have reached yet another milestone. InstallShield 2019 adds a new feature to support Package Support Framework for traditional Win32 apps to run seamlessly in MSIX container environment.

What is Package Support Framework?

Package Support Framework is a toolkit from Microsoft targeted at fixing up traditional Win32 apps that have limitations running in the modern MSIX container. For more details, you can read here.

How Can InstallShield Help?

InstallShield 2019 R2 adds support for Package Support Framework in terms of two capabilities

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Create native MSIX packages, build clean installs, and build installations in the cloud with InstallShield from Revenera.

  • Add a File Redirection Fix-up
  • Add a Custom Fix-up

File Redirection Fix-ups are important when you are running an app that writes to a location that your application can’t write to, since it’s running in a container. What PSF does here, is adds a redirection to your application to write to LocalAppData folder instead of the restricted access directory like ‘current working directory’

Custom Fixups are a facility provided by InstallShield to ensure that customers are not waiting for InstallShield releases to include new fix-ups when available on Microsoft’s Github page. If you are aware of a new fix-up and know how to use it, you can write your own config.json and configure your application to use the new fix-up.

File Redirection Fix-up

To understand how to use a file redirection fix-up, please watch the below video:

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