InstallShield Suite Updates – Get Your Customers on the Latest Version

Every software supplier knows that it’s not always easy to move customers to the latest and greatest version of a software product. Some take months, some even years to upgrade – which means that they cannot leverage the latest features and you, as a supplier, have higher cost for supporting and maintaining older versions. Suite Updates – available with InstallShield 2018 – can help you and your customers accelerate the update process.

What’s Suite Updates about?

Suite Updates abandons an old issue. In the past, customers that had an old version of your installer installed the old version of your software. That’s over. With Suite Updates, your customers can always install the latest version, no matter which version of your installer they are using.

How Does it Work?

Here’s how you use the InstallShield IDE to configure your Suite project to deliver updates.

  1. Open your Suite project
  2. Navigate to Releases view
  3. Select the Updates tab

  1. Set the Enable Updates field to Yes
  2. Select Prompt User under Prompt User or, alternatively, force the update.
  3. Configure the message you wish to display with the message in the Prompt Message This field can be localized.
  4. Update URL: A web location to where you host the updated file
  5. Build the project

Once the project is built, go the release folder and open the UpdateMetadata\isupdate.xml

Here is how the isupadate.xml looks like for the above configuration

All you need to do is to host the isupdate.xml on your own webserver. Whenever you have a newer version of the product available add a new line.

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