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The new release of InstallShield 2016 supports the transition to Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge (formerly known as Project Centennial) and Windows Server Apps (WSAs) with automatic compatibility tests and continuous build capabilities.

“Working in parallel with Microsoft, we are making it easy to transition existing InstallShield MSI projects to build Universal Windows Platform and Windows Server App packages. InstallShield is the only product that enables developers to test their apps for compatibility with the Desktop Bridge and WSAs—saving countless hours of time, effort and investigative work,” said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management, Flexera.

“Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes the Desktop Bridge, which enables existing desktop apps and games to be converted to use the modern Windows app packaging format. These converted apps offer cleaner installs, uninstalls and updates, and can be enhanced with Universal Windows Platform capabilities such as Live Tiles, Cortana and push notifications,” said Kevin Gallo, Corporate Vice President for the Windows developer platform, Microsoft. “We are thrilled that developers can now use InstallShield 2016 to distribute their existing apps and games through the Windows Store or existing distribution methods and access Universal Windows Platform capabilities.”

See Microsoft’s update announcement and view Kevin Gallo’s video.

InstallShield 2016 flexibly supports new technologies for Windows 10 and Windows Server while still supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8 with MSI installers. The new release enables an easy transition for existing InstallShield MSI projects to build Universal Windows Platform and Windows Server App packages.

InstallShield 2016 Highlights:

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Create native MSIX packages, build clean installs, and build installations in the cloud with InstallShield from Revenera.

  • Tests apps for compatibility with UWP and WSA App Packages
  • Creates UWP App Packages from MSI projects
  • Generates WSA App Packages from MSI projects
  • Combines multiple UWP App Packages into one
  • Maps MSI table relationships
  • Customizes Windows 10 tiles

Learn all about What’s New in InstallShield 2016.

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