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The Docker open platform allows developers and system administrators build, ship, and run distributed applications within a containerized format.  Microsoft has added support for containers as a feature in Windows Server 2016.  Setting up Docker in Windows Server 2016 consists of three steps:

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  1. Install Docker
  2. Install Base Container Images
  3. Setup Hyper-V Container Host

DockerTo prepare developers and administrators to use Docker containers in Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has released a free, hands-on virtual lab that guides the user through the installation and deployment of Docker, as well as managing Docker and incorporating Docker on Hyper-V.

No setup or installation is required, and it is free to get started.

Alternately, for the developer or administrator who prefers to work on his or her own system, Microsoft has released a short document that walks through the basics of setting up and using Docker in Windows Server 2016.


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