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Image: Webinar: Why Open Source Audits are a Must, Not a Maybe

If you are developing applications, most likely some of the code is borrowed from open source software (OSS). It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s flexible. Certainly, it’s easy to use and perhaps moves along the application development process at a faster pace. All good reasons.

But, we have to stop and think about the responsibilities that come with the use of OSS—security, vulnerabilities, and compliance. As we’ve repeatedly reported, 50% of all code written today is open source. We repeat it because it’s important. It’s substantial. And internal stakeholders need to be concerned about the licenses and obligations that come with OSS.

Time to sit up and listen.

Case in point, during specific due-diligence and Merger & Acquisition (M&A) efforts, any OSS missteps can be detrimental to the outcome of the sale and cost not just time, but money as well. With the right technology, internal culture around policy and awareness, and implementation of best practices, the risks associated with the use of open source can be avoided. In addition, open source audits are a must, not a maybe.

It’s important to know why, how and the benefits of conducting an audit. You need to begin to understand what is in your code and the associated risks.

Flexera is conducting a webinar on August 22nd and August 30th to discuss:

  • The reasons to conduct an open source audit
  • Best practices for open source usage
  • Best practices for technical due diligence
  • How to prepare for a code audit

Join us and take advantage of the opportunity an audit provides to protect your organization and avoid all of the potential headaches caused from ignoring open source licensing responsibilities and best practices.